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Adult Dog Health Care Tips

Caring for your adult dog Taking care of your dog’s health is important for their long-term wellbeing. Just like us, they require regular health checks, a nutritious diet, and adequate exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Adult dog health care is different from that of a puppy or senior dog. Dog’s age much faster…

Adult Dogs

Transitioning Your Dog Or Cat To A New Food

Dog And Cat Dental Disease

Vaccinating your Dog

Hookworm In Cats and Dogs

What is hookworm? There are two species of hookworm which affect dogs and cats in Australia – Ancylostoma and Uncinaria. Adult worms are approximately 16mm long and very thin. They live attached to the intestine of dogs, cats, and people. In reasonable numbers, they can cause illness and even death. How does my pet catch…

Puppy And Dog Training

Senior Dog Health Care Tips

Puppy Preschool

Benefits of super premium food and prescription food


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