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Cats Can Age Gracefully Just as humans get greyer hair, more wrinkles and bouts of arthritis, senior pets develop a variety of signs suggesting they too are aging. Unlike a fellow human, our feline friends can’t take res… read more Cleaning your Pets Teeth SO WHY DO MY PETS TEETH NEED CLEANING? Dental disease is one…

Round and Round Rocco Goes

Canine Urine Analysis Test

Vaccination And Physical Examination

Arthritis Injections


Constitution   CONSTITUTION  NAME – The name of the Club is Healthy Pets Plus Limited.   INTERPRETATION – In this document: Term Definition  Additional Fees means any veterinary fees incurred by a member in respect of a relevant Companion Animal at a Greencross Vet that are not included in the Membership  Collections Act means the…

Spotless House Training

The Risks For Overweight Pets

The Dangers Spring Can Bring

Living With A Golden Oldie

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