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Cats Can Age Gracefully Just as humans get greyer hair, more wrinkles and bouts of arthritis, senior pets develop a variety of signs suggesting they too are aging. Unlike a fellow human, our feline friends can’t take res… read more Cleaning your Pets Teeth SO WHY DO MY PETS TEETH NEED CLEANING? Dental disease is one…

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What To Ask Before Adopting

Living With A Golden Oldie

What is life like living with an older pet? Whether your furry friend is getting older or you’ve adopted a senior pet, life with a golden oldie is great. Here’s what to expect. When is my pet a senior? Dogs generally become a senior from around seven to eight years and cats are considered elderly…

Make Flea Treatments Work For You

Gum Disease In Pets

Dental Home Care for Pets

Desexing Your Pet


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