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Pet Ear Infections

Ear infections (Otitis Externa) Ear infections, also referred to as Otitis Externa, are a common problem seen amongst our furry friends, (especially those with long ears). Ear infections can cause extreme discomfort and further health problems if left untreated. There are many types of infectious bacteria, fungi, parasites, and foreign material which might cause inflammation…

Ear Infections (Otitis Externa)

Pet Ear Infections

Sore Ears In Pets

Does Your Cat Have Healthy Ears?

Aural Haematoma

What is an Aural Haematoma? Each one of your pet’s ear lobes (pinna) is made up of two layers of opposing skin held together with fibrous tissue, with nerves and blood vessels running between the two layers. An aural haematoma (blood blister of the ear) forms when one or more of these vessels rupture and…

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Atopy (Canine Airborn Allergy)

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