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No-nonsense Nutrition For Pocket Pets

The dietary needs of rats, mice and guinea pigs are a little more complex than just buying a seed and grain mix from the pet store or supermarket. Dr Jenny Eales from Greencross Vets Eastwood House gives some advice on how to cater to their requirements. As with any other pet, these small mammals have…

Joint Disease In Pets

Cherry Eye (Swelling) in Pets

Skin Disease in Pets

Articles of Interest

Joint Disease

Many of our pets develop some form of joint disease during their life. It can sometimes be difficult to detect, as pets are unable to tell us when or where they hurt and the obvious signs are generally only visible to the eye once the disease has progressed.¬† Joint disease can be very debilitating, to…


Aural Haematoma

Rabbit and guinea pig health care


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