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Senior Dog Health Care Tips

What is a senior dog? Dogs over the age of seven are considered to be senior. On average, dogs age seven times faster than humans, meaning by the time your canine companion is nine years old, their organs, joints and metabolism are comparative to a 63-year-old human. That’s almost retirement age! Senior dogs have different needs…

When Does My Pet Become A “Senior”?

Senior Pet Diseases

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Dietary Needs For Our Senior Pets

Caring For A Senior Pet

Watching our pets grow older is a comforting and rewarding experience. It’s hard to believe the same bundle of energy tearing around the yard or jumping from one piece of furniture to another, is the same calm and kind old friend curled at our feet.   Dogs and cats age approximately seven years to our…

Arthritis Not Just A Senior'S Disease

What To Look Out For With Your Pet In Winter

The Food We Choose Counts

Why Is My Cat Panting?


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