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Pet Obesity and Weight Loss

Is your pet’s weight a growing concern? Like humans, excess fat in animals can pose serious health risks. We know it’s tempting to treat your best friend every time they give you puppy eyes, but it’s better for them long-term to limit their food-related luxuries. If you have noticed that your pet is getting a bit…

Weight, diet and exercise – tips to keep your pet healthy

What’s A Healthy Weight For My Cat?

Why Is My Cat Losing Weight?

Eat, Play, Love Your Pet To A Healthy Weight

Feline AIDS Vaccination

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) What is FIV? FIV, also called feline AIDS, is a classified lentivirus or ‘slow virus’. This means that infected cats may show no symptoms for years after becoming infected. Transmission is mainly through bites from infected cats. Cats who are allowed outdoors are at serious risk of exposure. The feline AIDS vaccination…

When Does My Pet Become A Senior?

When Should I Call The Vet?

Feline Hyperthyrodism

Senior Pet Diseases


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