Puppy & Kitten Promotions 2024

Start them off on the right paw!


FREE heartworm prevention dose for your puppy!

What is heartworm?
Heartworm is a dangerous parasitic disease of dogs that is transmitted by mosquito bites, making indoor and outdoor dogs equally susceptible to infection. Once in your pet’s bloodstream, heartworm causes heart and other organ failure, by obstructing normal blood flow.

How do I protect my puppy?
There are many forms of heartworm prevention, however the most reliable is administered by a vet in clinic.

Limited time offer: Book your puppy’s first heartworm prevention dose FREE!*

Available for puppies aged 12 weeks – 6 months. Average value of $80!^

Simply book now and mention this offer at your appointment

*T&Cs apply. Offer available 2 January – 31 March 2024. Please note a consult fee may still apply for your appointment. See Terms & Conditions here

^Based on average cost of service for 3-6 month old puppy at Greencross Vets. Value varies per weight of your puppy.

Vaccinate and SAVE on NexGard SPECTRA

Protecting your puppy or kitten from fleas, ticks and worms is of the utmost important.

Paralysis ticks in particular can be fatal, and ensuring your pet is on a preventative product all year long will ensure the best protection.

SAVE on NexGard SPECTRA when you vaccinate your puppy or kitten in-clinic!*


  • $5 OFF a single pack; or
  • $20 OFF a 3 pack!

    *T&Cs apply. Offer available 2 January – 31 March 2024. See Terms & Conditions here

  • 25% OFF Royal Canin Puppy or Kitten food!

    Royal Canin super premium nutrition is tailored to help build the natural defenses of your puppy or kitten, enabling healthy growth and digestive support.

    Exclusive offer for Greencross Vets puppy & kitten clients

    Purchase a trial bag of Royal Canin Puppy or Kitten food in-clinic and receive 25% OFF your next full size bag at either Greencross Vets or Petbarn!*

    Buy a trial bag in clinic before 31 March 2024 to receive your 25% off voucher, and have until 30 April 2024 to redeem.

    Voucher redeemable at Greencross Vets or in-store at Petbarn only (not available online).

    *T&Cs apply. See here for details

    Puppy 101

    Welcoming a puppy into your home brings a lot of joy, along with some responsibilities!

    Being well-informed about their healthcare needs and understanding their nutritional, grooming, training requirements and more is essential.

  • Ensure they receive timely vaccinations to help prevent common diseases
  • Protect your pup from parasites such as heartworm, fleas, ticks and intestinal worms
  • Regular health checks are vital to catching any potential issues early on

    Keeping up with these aspects will contribute to a healthy and happy life for your new furry family member!

    PLUS see our special offers below so you can start your puppy off on the right paw!

  • Kitten 101

    Ready to welcome the purr-fect addition to your home? Embracing a new kitten brings a mix of joys and adjustments. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with everything from how to create a cozy haven and introduce your new feline friend to the home, to the dos and don’ts of kitty litter and common cat grooming habits.

    Understanding your kitten’s vet care needs is also essential:

  • Vaccinations are a must for protecting against harmful diseases
  • Parasite prevention safeguards from potentially deadly ticks, fleas, and other parasites
  • Regular health checks and vet visits help address potential issues and ensure your kitty becomes well-adjusted to veterinary care

    Learn these kitten essentials and keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

    PLUS see our special offers below so you can start your kitten off on the right paw.

  • Start them off on the right paw!

    With benefits for both routine care and the unexpected, our Healthy Pets Plus membership plan provides maximum value for puppies and kittens.

    From unlimited vet visits and WebVet to all vaccinations included, the extensive range of membership benefits ensures you can start them off on the right paw.

    Unlimited Vet Consults at Greencross Vets

    All included!

    Unlimited Vaccinations

    All your recommended puppy & kitten vaccinations, included with membership.

    Unlimited Access to WebVet

    For all those new pet parent questions! Get peace of mind from the comfort of your home and speak with a qualified vet 24/7 with WebVet.

    Free Or Discounted Emergency Vet Visits

    Our partner, the Animal Referral & Emergency Network, has emergency locations open 24 hours, 365 days a year. With Healthy Pets Plus, you’ll enjoy free or discounted emergency consults at most locations.

    20% Off Parasite Prevention

    Protect your pet from nasty parasites such as fleas, ticks and intestinal worms with in-clinic discounts on brands such as NexGard Spectra and Simparica Trio

    And Much More!

    Free microchipping, free nail clips, exclusive discounts – and much more!

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