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Identify If Your Cat Is Living With Arthritis

Our feline friends are known to be quite active and agile but as they age it is inevitable that they will start to slow down.  Many cats can remain very healthy and vibrant during their senior years, but there are times when chronic disease and arthritis can affect their quality of life. Arthritis is a…

Dietary Needs For Our Senior Pets

Caring For A Senior Pet

Cats Can Age Gracefully

Arthritis – Not Just A Senior’s Disease

Renal Failure in Cats

Often we see cats presented for urinating in the house or in other inappropriate areas such as the bath, laundry, washing basket etc.  There are a number of reasons that our seemingly well-behaved cats may start doing this but there is one particular reason that is fairly common in our older pets – renal failure. …

Senior Dog Health Care Tips

Living With A Golden Oldie

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