Telemedicine Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


We understand that sometimes tired children, busy schedules and fearful pets can rob you of the time you might need to come in to a clinic or make a trip to the vet more difficult than it needs to be. Telemedicine can offer real-time health-care to pets and pet owners in the comfort of their own home, to help you manage these issues in appropriate cases.
While Telemedicine is not a replacement to physical examinations, in appropriate cases this complementary tool can offer real-time health-care to your pet within the comfort of your own home.

To help us achieve the highest Standards of Care, we offer Telemedicine consultations only:
• to pets a Greencross Vet has examined in person in a Greencross Clinic recently; and
• as part of a scheduled health-monitoring program.
How recently will depend on the nature of the concern raised during the Telemedicine consultation in the context of the post-consultation treatment regimen.

We might typically offer Telemedicine consultations for any of the following follow-up services:
• Post-surgery care
• Chronic care
• Re-issuing a script
• Revisits
Your Greencross vet will consider each pet and their current circumstances before confirming a Telemedicine consultation can be booked.

Provided you have access to an internet connected portable device (phone, tablet, laptop) with camera, microphone, browser and email, you should be good to go!

We will treat your privacy and data the same way we would if you attended a clinic, so:
• patient notes are recorded in the same practice management system we use for hands-on consultations,
• at our end, Telemedicine consultations will be conducted in a private Online Consultation Room using secure host; and
• payment may be taken through the secure host which can be found by clicking on this link.

In some cases we may record or capture vision or sound of your Telemedicine consultation, and your pet, to assist with:
• your pet’s ongoing care,
• ongoing Greencross Clinic training,
• review to help us identify or make service improvements, and/or
• auditing purposes or recording what service we provided, what treatment we recommended, or what happened during the consult.

Telemedicine consultations will typically be recommended while you are in a Greencross Clinic as part of your pet’s scheduled, post-consultation treatment plan.
However, we also accept telephone bookings, so give your local Greencross Clinic a call to discuss.

You will receive an email for the scheduled Telemedicine consultation, with a link and passcode to the Greencross Clinic Online Consultation Room. If we have a mobile number for you, a reminder will typically be sent around 1-hour before the Telemedicine consultation is scheduled to start. By entering the Online Consultation Room or participating in a Telemedicine consultation, you accept and agree to our Terms of Service.

Choose a place in your home that has good light and is not excessively noisy, if possible. If you have any records of observations of your pet, have them nearby. Having a table to lift small pets on and a torch can be helpful, too.
As you will need to handle your pet and hold the camera, another person to assist can make the experience much easier.

At the time of your appointment, click on the link provided, enter the login details and enter the online waiting room.

When you log on to a telemedicine consultation, you will typically speak with a veterinary nurse to start the session. The nurse will be able to assess most post-surgery wounds.
Once you and your pet have seen the nurse, a Greencross veterinarian may join the call if required. You will be able to talk to your vet face to face and you may be asked to move the camera over your pet so that we can see.

The vet will make sure your pet’s notes are up-to-date. The veterinary nurse will schedule any future appointments and take any payment due.

Our current schedule of Telemedicine consultation costs are set out on our website.
At the time this policy / guideline was prepared, our costs are:

Nature of Telemdeicine Consultation Cost
Routine post-surgery checks Nil
• Current Healthy Pets Plus members Included in program costs
• Others $45

Costs are payable either in advance or over the phone at the time of the Telemedicine revisit. Healthy Pet Plus members will have the cost of the Telemedicine revisit included in their program.

We are passionate about pets and committed to offering exceptional service, and the very best care in veterinary medicine. If you are not satisfied with the service, please raise this with:
• the Practice Manager at the Greencross Clinic which conducted the Telemedicine consultation; or
• Veronica Monaghan at

Your nearest clinic: Undefined