T&C’s Mobile Vet

By booking or participating in a mobile consultation, you accept and agree to the following Terms of Service.

  1. We cannot accept instructions from anybody under the age of 18 years.
  2. A Greencross veterinarian may not prescribe medication for your pet unless:
      A. the veterinarian has examined your pet;
      B. the veterinarian is satisfied that they do not need to re-examine your pet (including at a Greencross clinic) prior to prescribing medication
  3. We retain ownership of all medical records we create or hold in relation to your pet, including all radiographs, ultrasound scans and similar documents. In appropriate circumstances, such as a referral, a copy may be forwarded to another veterinary surgeon or insurer, where applicable.
  4. If our team comes to you as part of the Greencross Mobile Vet Service, we will charge you the same consultation fee as if your pet had visited one of our Greencross clinics, with an additional surcharge for travel.
  5. Electronic payment is required at the time we provide our services.  The team visiting your home will have a mobile system to take payment by debit / credit card only. For security and safety reasons, payment may not be made by cash.
  6. Whenever practical we will give you an estimate of our fees for the Mobile Vet Service. However you agree that variations and complications may arise resulting in an increase in our fees.
  7. Active Healthy Pets Plus members enjoy the same benefits for Mobile Vet Service consultations, up to 10 Mobile Vet Service consultations per annum.
  8. The safety of our teams is extremely important and we may decline to offer any service, or cease providing any service:
  9. if, in the reasonable opinion of the veterinarian, a client’s property has inadequate or unsafe access;
  10. if our staff in attendance feel there is any risk to their personal safety; or
  11. to abusive/offensive customers.
  12. Greencross may decline to offer or provide any service if:
  13. you have outstanding accounts for other Greencross veterinary services or products e.g. Healthy Pets Plus; or
  14. you are or have been a bad debtor with Greencross or any associated business (including Petbarn) at any time within the last three (3) years.
  15. If the Greencross Mobile Service is unable to conduct a scheduled Mobile Consultation for any reason, we will try to contact and assist you to make alternative arrangements.


If you do not accept these Terms of Service, you are welcome to contact your nearest Greencross Clinic to Book an Appointment.

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