Naturally delicious

Developed by pet nutritionists and approved vets

Human grade Aussie ingredients

27 essential vitamins & nutrients

Human Grade Pet Nutrition

NEW! Introducing The Nosh Project, Vet Approved Real Food for dogs. The Nosh Daily Diets are fresh and frozen, made with fresh Aussie ingredients and 27 essential vitamins and nutrients that dogs need for a complete and balanced diet. The Nosh Project is the first human grade, ready-made meal range developed by pet nutritionists and approved by vets.

Only at Petbarn, City Farmers & Greencross Vets

Of pet food recipes online are lacking essential vitamins and minerals.*
It only takes a deficiency in one essential nutrient to pose serious health risks to our dogs over time.
Essential Nutrients added to make sure your dog gets everything they need to thrive

Daily Diets are healthy, fresh frozen ready-made meals for dogs. Made in an Australian kitchen from a balanced blend of human grade, fresh ingredients. No fillers, no preservatives, no added colours or flavours. Every meal is made with human grade, fresh ingredients and contains the optimal balance of vitamins and nutrients.

*Evaluation of recipes of home-prepared maintenance diets for dogs. JAVMA, 2013.


Who is behind The Nosh Project?

We are a group of food scientists, pet nutritionists and Greencross Vets that are passionate about making fresh food for dogs that not only taste great but deliver the highest quality nutrition benefits, ensuring the best health and wellbeing outcomes for your dog. 

Independently Tested & Reviewed

All of our meals are developed with a pet nutritionist to make sure they provide complete, balanced and appropriate nutrition for dogs. The Nosh Project has been reviewed and endorsed by Greencross Vets Nutrition Advisory Panel as complying with the nutritional guidelines set by AAFCO. ​

The Greencross Vets Nutrition Advisory Panel comprises of Dr. Magdoline Awad (Chief Veterinary Officer), senior Greencross veterinarians Dr. Adam Sternberg, Dr. James Holder and Dr. Veronica Monaghan who have reviewed and approved our range of Nosh Daily Diets.​

Our Daily Diet range has also been independently tested and validated by Massey University, a world leader in animal health and nutrition.

Cognitive Health

For Alertness

Omega 3 fatty acids from DHA help support and promote brain and eye health.

Muscle Development & Maintenance

To keep them going

High quality, human grade animal proteins are great sources of amino acids; essential for the development and repair of health muscles, organs & skin.

Healthy Digestion

Good gut health

Prebiotic vegetable fibres found in broccoli, potato, carrots & psyllium husk help move food through the digestive system and feed the good gut bacteria.

Joint Health

For mobility

Natural glucosamine found in the primary protein combined with DHA & Vitamin E found in Nourish 27™ helps support healthy joints and reduce inflammation.

Healthy Skin & Coat

With good nutrition

Omega 3 & 6 from vegetable oil combined with vitamins & minerals in Nourish 27™ help nourish the skin and coat.

Immune Health

Helps ward off sickness

Vitamin A from carrots in antioxidants in Nourish 27™ help support immunity, boosting health from the inside out.

Cooking for your dog? 

We believe in giving dogs the best in nutrition. That’s why there are no secrets when it comes to our naturally delicious recipes. You can download our make at home recipes to make nutritionally balanced meals for your dog.

Simply select one of The Nosh Project make at home recipes, use fresh ingredients and add Nourish 27™ essential meal balancer to make your own Nosh at home.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We believe your dog will love The Nosh Project so much, that if they don’t … we’ll replace or refund it.^ That’s our satisfaction guarantee.​
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