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How can WebVet help you?

Looking for advice? Can’t get to the vet? Is your vet closed? Unsure what to do next?

Enjoy peace of mind from the comfort of your own home and speak with a qualified vet via video call 24/7.*

A Greencross WebVet can help you right now. Our team will assess your pet via video, take notes of your pet’s problem and the advice provided to share with your local vet, ensuring continuity of care where needed.

#Between the hours of 12 midnight and 6am, WebVet provides phone numbers to dedicated after hours facilities where our emergency team will triage any concerns over the phone.
*Between the hours of 12am to 6am AE(D)ST, WebVet provides phone numbers for emergency hospitals in respective capital cities where our emergency team will triage any concerns.

Things you should know

A qualified Greencross veterinarian conducts each WebVet session.

Any patient notes taken during the call will be treated the same as if taken in clinic during a face-to-face appointment, and will be available for you to share with your local Greencross Vet.

Please note that WebVet is not a replacement for physical examinations, but an accessible tool that complements in-clinic pet healthcare. As we are unable to physically examine the patient, we are not able to provide a confirmed diagnosis or prescribe medication.

By participating in a WebVet session, you accept the following Terms of Service and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use we refer to in Clause 4 of the Terms of Service.

If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms of Service, please contact your local Greencross Vets Clinic to arrange an alternative appointment.

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Rest assured knowing you are speaking to experienced Australian veterinarians working within our national network of 165+ local General Practice veterinary clinics, Animal Referral Hospitals and Animal Emergency Centres across Australia.

We’re here to help 24 hours a day

Speak to a qualified vet via video call, wherever you are and whenever you need us. Our vets are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and are ready to give advice on any concerns you have.

Speak with a qualified vet from only $45:

Monday to Saturday (6am-7pm): $45
Monday to Saturday (7pm-midnight): $55
Sunday: $59.90
Public holidays: $69.90

If you need to see a vet in person, we can book you in at your local Greencross Vets clinic or refer you to one of our partner emergency and specialist hospitals. Your WebVet fee will be deducted from the cost of this consultation if undertaken within 48hrs.

How does WebVet work?

WebVet makes it easy for you to get the advice you need right now.

Choose to speak to our vets via video call

You will enter our ‘virtual’ waiting room so please keep your pet nearby as one of our vets will soon be online to speak with you.

Pay for your WebVet session securely online

You will receive a prompt to pay for your session via a secure and trusted gateway. You may use credit or debit card for payment.

Get the advice you need from our friendly vets.

We’ll discuss your pet’s current situation and history in order to provide you with advice and next steps for your pet’s wellbeing.

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Meet the Webvets

Dr Sandra

Dr Sandra is originally from Norway, but decided to take a leap and move to Australia to pursue an education in veterinary science in early 2011. She was passionate about animals from an early age and always knew she wanted to become a vet. She graduated from University of Queensland in 2016 and has since been working within the emergency field, mainly at the Animal Emergency Centre, helping pets and their humans at all hours of the day and night.

In her spare time Sandra loves spending time with her family, especially her partner Dejan and their little energetic two-year-old son. She also has two cats and two budgies to complete the family.

Sandra is excited to join the WebVet team and be able to reach more pet owners and their pets in need and is looking forward to helping from a different and unique platform.

Dr Nikki

Dr Nikki graduated from the University of Queensland in 2001. She has worked in mixed rural practice in Western Australia and Queensland, and in numerous small animal clinics throughout the UK. She has been with Greencross Vets for the last 7 years.

Nikki has an interest in small animals and loves the bond animals create with their owners and families. She enjoys managing cases in a practical and compassionate way.

Nikki lives with her husband and son, and is happiest amongst their cows, chickens and dogs.

Dr Julia

Dr Julia graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in 2016. After graduation, she travelled to the UK, where she worked as a small animal veterinarian for two years. In 2019, Julia moved to Sydney to complete a rotating internship at University Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Sydney. Since completion of her internship, Julia has been working for Greencross Vets, as well as other veterinary clinics around Sydney. Julia has two beautiful rescue cats and enjoys all things outdoors.

Dr Charis

Dr Charis graduated from the University of Sydney in 2016. She has since spent three years in small animal practice in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and has since completed a rotating internship at her alma mater. Whilst she has a strong interest in emergency medicine, her passion is in empowering pet owners with education, which she hopes will avert many emergency room disasters.

Charis is also studying a Master of Public Health with a special interest in public health in developing economies. Hailing from Malaysian Borneo, this is especially important to her as she hopes to be an advocate for humans and animals. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read, and foster cats.

Dr Annika

Dr Annika knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a young child. She is originally from Finland but moved to Australia in 2001 to attend Murdoch University in Perth. She graduated with Honours in 2005 and moved to Brisbane to pursue an internship at Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre. Interested in all things oncology and pathology, Dr Annika returned to her alma mater for a residency in pathology and gained Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in pathology in 2009.

After spending 12 years as a head veterinarian and director at two general practices she established, Dr Annika found an irresistible project investigating a novel cancer vaccine in dogs and is currently completing her PhD thesis through the University of Queensland. Alongside her studies she has been working with Greencross Vets and Animal Emergency Centre since May 2019.

When not busy trying to cure cancer, Dr Annika enjoys spending time with her family, her two Pharaoh Hounds and Ibizan Hound, dancing, and baking.

Dr Andrew

Dr Andrew is originally from New Zealand, he immigrated to Australia and graduated from Murdoch University in 2001. He has worked in various roles across Western Australia and has vast experience with large animals, emergency and critical care and small animal clinics.

Dr. Andrew currently lives in the beautiful hills of Perth with a menagerie of animals including four cats, two dogs, three goats (milked twice daily) horses, cows and numerous chickens, ducks and geese, not to mention Brad the Emu!

Andrew loves spending time with his wife and children and also dabbles in the fine art of making goat cheese – straight from the farm. As a man of many talents, he also makes silver buckles, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

Dr Andrea

Dr Andrea originally hails from New Zealand and graduated from Massey University in 2010. Her passion for animals started with the desire to help conserve nature and she has continued to assist wildlife care throughout her career. Since graduating, Andrea has worked in a specialist centre and alongside specialists in internal medicine, surgery and emergency veterinary care. Her special interests include behavioural medicine, complex therapeutic cases and cancer therapy.

Andrea lives with her husband, their new baby boy, Bernie the Greyhound, Lizzie the Aussie Shepard and Arty the cat. Outside of work, she enjoys bushwalking, yoga and all things wombat related.

Dr Jade

Dr Jade graduated from Murdoch University in 2012 fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a vet. In January 2018 Jade joined the Greencross family. Since then she has worked in small animal practice in Western Australia treating dogs, cats and a range of exotic animals and wildlife.

Jade loves her career and has always been very interested in animals and passionate about their care. Jade enjoys everything vet, but most of all enjoys improving a pet’s quality of life particularly as they age into the golden years and where she can, improve the unique bond between pet and owner. She likes to help people to better understand their pets and their needs. Jade also has a special interest in animal behaviour, particularly that of cats. Her fur family is composed of four well aged, lovely cats, complete with unique personalities and loads of affection, Xena, Misty, Link and Kiba.

Image of Dr Jade with her three dogs

Dr Lisa
Dr Lisa graduated from James Cook University, Townsville in 2018 and joined the Greencross Vets family in 2021. Dr Lisa always wanted to become a Veterinarian so she could provide a voice to those who don’t have one. She loves to be an advocate for all animals to ensure their needs are met and they are living their best quality of life possible.

Dr Lisa has a strong interest in diagnostic ultrasonography and soft tissue surgery. In addition, she has a strong passion for seeking gold standard of care to all patients.

Outside of work, Dr Lisa love to explore new places with her husband, son and all their fur babies.

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