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Petbarn and Greencross Kitten School classes are fun interactive indoor training courses conducted by passionate and experienced Trainers at selected Petbarn and Greencross locations. Our classes provide essential information on a variety of kitten care topics and plenty of hands-on learning. Our focus is helping you make the most of your kitten’s early learning; we aim to build confident and resilient kittens using reward-based (force free) training strategies.

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Available Courses

To help you support your kitten’s early learning, we cater to kittens of different ages and levels of training. Read more about our Kitten School class below.

 About Kitten School Kitten School is designed for kittens in their early learning period who are new to training and learning new skills for the first time.
Age Kittens must be between 8 – 14 weeks on their first day of class
Duration of course One hour per week, over 3 weeks. Kittens attend every week.
Course Cost $95 for 3 weeks
What’s covered in the course? -Settling into a new home -Safety and health essentials -Toileting tips -Introduction to good manners -Play and enrichment -Basic cues for lifelong handling (sit, off, cuddle, recall, place, walking on harness and lead) -Preparing your kitten for handling (e.g. by vets, groomers and new friends) -Understanding cat behaviour and how to communicate effectively with your kitten -Troubleshooting challenging behaviours like rough play and furniture scratching

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Why join Petbarn and Greencross Kitten School?

You might be wondering, can you really train a cat? The answer is absolutely, you can! When it comes to training, understanding how your kitten learns and communicates is vital for success. Your kitten’s early learning experiences will shape the way they respond to the world around them. Our Petbarn and Greencross Kitten School classes are conducted by our trained and experienced Trainers to help you create positive and stress-free experiences for your kitten, helping them to become the confident and resilient cat we know they can be. Our courses also connect you to our national network of Trainers, Veterinarians, Veterinary Behaviourists, Groomers and Retail experts you can rely on for ongoing tips and advice. We work with some of the best in the industry to ensure we are up to date with leading scientific research and collectively draw on many thousands of hours of training and practice. All our Trainers undergo theory and practical training and assessments to meet our strict standards.

For the whole family
A kitten is a part of the whole family, so we encourage you to bring along the kids. Our course aims to provide you with an understanding of what your kitten needs from you, why they do what they do, and how you can help them to reach their potential. We will teach you and your family about kitten communication, socialisation, training, vet care and troubleshooting for challenging kitten behaviours.

Kitten Training you can trust
Our interactive classes allow your kitten to experience positive interactions with new people, see other kittens, and learn important basic manners in a safe and managed environment. All classes are conducted using modern science-based force-free training, a reward-based (positive reinforcement) method. Our classes focus on teaching humans how to train and communicate with their kittens effectively.

What is the age range for kittens to join the class?
Your kitten should be between 8 – 14 weeks old for the first class to join Kitten School.

All kittens joining Kitten School must have had at least one vaccination 10 days prior to their first class.

How many kittens are in our classes?
Our classes will typically have 4-5 kittens in attendance.

Kitten training includes:

  • Gentle, stress-free handling techniques
  • How your kitten learns and communicates
  • Creating a cat-friendly home

Basic manners and cues such as:

  • Sit
  • Off
  • Recall
  • Walking on harness and lead

Advice on common ‘unwanted’ kitten behaviours such as:

  • Rough play
  • Fussy eating
  • Scratching furniture
  • Jumping on benches/tables
  • Nighttime settling

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the classes go for?

Each class runs for approximately one hour.

How many weeks does the Kitten School course go for?

Our Kitten Schools run for 3 weeks. Kittens attend all weeks.

What is the age range of kittens to join the class?

Kitten School is designed for kittens aged 8 – 14 weeks.

Are there any other enrolment requirements?

Yes. Kittens must have had at least one vaccine a minimum of 10 days prior to the first class (Week 1) and be up to date with all vaccines, flea prevention, worming and tick prevention (where appropriate).

What happens if I miss a class?

In the event that you are unable to make a class you can contact the Petbarn and Greencross Kitten School Trainer to seek advice and homework. No partial refunds will be given for a missed class and missed classes cannot be made up at a later date by joining in on another Petbarn or Greencross Kitten School class due to kitten ages and development, and class booking limitations. Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

What happens if my kitten is sick and cannot attend?

If your kitten is sick and cannot come to class, you might be able to attend without your kitten, however please consult your Vet and Kitten School Trainer before attending.

Can my kitten come to class if it has been desexed that week?

Check with your Vet if it is safe for your kitten to attend Kitten School within seven days of desexing. If you are unsure if your kitten should attend class after desexing you should seek Veterinary advice or speak to your Petbarn/Greencross Kitten School Trainer.

Can an adult cat join the class?

No. Adult cats are in a very different socialisation and development period to kittens. Kitten School classes aim to provide positive and safe experiences for kittens in their early learning periods. It is vital that our class spaces are managed to ensure successful learning for the young kittens and maintain a stress-free environment.

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