Terms and Conditions

Healthy Pets Plus – Membership

Healthy Pets Plus Limited aims to:

  • Educate members in relation to animal health and wellness of Companion Animals to ensure the Companion Animals of members live longer, happier and healthier
  • Promote wellness veterinary services for the benefit of the Companion Animals of members
  • To promote veterinary services and veterinary products for the benefit of the Companion Animals of members
  • To source cost effective veterinary services and veterinary products for the benefit of the Companion Animals of members

Healthy Pets Plus Limited is administered by Greencross Vets and the veterinary services provided to members will be provided by a Greencross Vets unless specified. Services only include veterinary services operated by Greencross Vets unless specified.

Each membership is restricted to one Companion Animal (3), although a person may have multiple memberships if they own more than one Companion Animal. 10% membership fee discounts apply to multiple memberships (4).

Membership fees are set by Healthy Pets Plus Limited and are payable by direct debit authority from the member’s nominated bank account. The first instalment is $45 for the primary pet and $40.50 for a secondary pet. After the initial payment, you can nominate a monthly or fortnightly payment plan. Monthly payment plans are payable in 11 equal instalments of $45 for a primary pet or $40.50 for the secondary pet. If you choose a fortnightly payment plan, after the initial payment of $20.77 for a primary pet or $18.70 for the secondary pet, there are 25 instalments of $20.77 for the primary pet or $$18.70 for the secondary pet.

On 1 July of each year the yearly subscription amount will be reviewed. You will be advised of any increase in subscription which will take effect from the anniversary date of your membership plan.

Each membership will be for a period of 12 months. A three-month cooling-off period applies to the initial membership period. Healthy Pets Plus Limited will send members a reminder at least one month prior to expiry of the 12-month period. Membership will be renewed for a further 12-month period unless a cancellation request is lodged.

Should you wish to cancel your membership, you must provide us 14 days’ notice in writing. We count this period from the date of your request. To cancel your membership please send an email to: info@healthypetsplus.com.au. If your pet passes away, please contact Healthy Pets Plus on 1800 738 775 to end your membership.

Termination of membership during a membership period (including during the cooling-off period) may result in the remaining installments of the membership fee for that period being immediately payable or an amount being payable based on the value of the products or services obtained in the period. (6).

Any services provided as part of the membership benefits may be performed by a registered veterinarian and/or a veterinary nurse for the member. A Canine or Feline membership will entitle the member to receive:

  • Vaccinations as recommended by your Green cross Vet
  • Microchipping (if needed)
  • Unlimited consultations*
  • Pet dental checks with $200 off annual dental scale and polish
  • 20% discount on parasite prevention and heart worm injection
  • 20% discount on Vet prescription pet food sold at Greencross Vets
  • Annual health screening test, including:
    • urine analysis
    • wellness blood screen or pre-anesthetic blood test
    • heartworm test
    • parasite faecal exam
  • 10% discount on all other products, medications, and services provided by Greencross Vets

Membership benefits may change from time to time at the discretion of Healthy Pets Plus Limited.

To become a member of Healthy Pets Plus, you must (i) be at least 18 years of age (ii) provide us an Australian residential address (not a PO Box); (iii) provide us with the details of your valid credit/debit card; and (iv) provide us a valid email address and mobile phone number. Payment via Friends For Life loyalty credit is not accepted.

Healthy Pets Plus reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted here.

  1. This document is meant only to be a summary of the terms and conditions of the membership of Healthy Pets Plus Limited, such terms and conditions being found in the Constitution and By-Laws of the company. The Constitution and By-Laws are available on Healthy Pets Plus website, healthypetsplus.com.au. The member agrees to be bound by the Constitution and By-Laws of Healthy Pets Plus Limited and in all events the terms and conditions of the Constitution and By-Laws prevail.
  2. Greencross Vets includes Greencross Limited ACN 119 778 862 and any of its related entities.
  3. Feline or canine, whether kitten/puppy, adult or senior.
  4. Please ask for further details at your local Greencross Vets surgery.
  5. A dishonour fee of $5 is payable if a direct debit installment is dishonoured by your bank, which is payable at the next direct debit drawing.
  6. For further details or to confirm any outstanding fees, please contact Healthy Pets Plus on 1800 738 775
  7. Consultations greater than 20 minutes, such as behavioural and dermatological, are excluded from these plans. Consultations means a normal veterinary consultation, of no more than 20 minutes in duration, which is to be performed by either a registered veterinarian or a veterinary nurse, employed by Greencross Vets.

*Emergency consultations are for an “emergency situation” that is described as urgent or critical health problems that your pet may have between the hours of 6pm and 8am; these hours are when your local Greencross Vet may be closed and you require urgent vet care for that is vital to your pet’s life. Emergency consultations do not include the following: vaccinations, microchipping, nutritional counselling, nail clips, physical exams for your pet’s wellness, behavioural consultations and other such non-life threatening care that is not urgent or critical in nature. Emergency consultations are valid at participating pet emergency centres listed at: healthypetsplus.com.au. Includes public holidays, afterhours and mobile vets at participating clinics. Excludes medication from compounding pharmacies. Excludes sedation if required. Pet Health Screening Tests are only valid once per membership year.

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