Vet Nursing Careers

Looking for a vet nursing career with Greencross Vets?

Vet nursing is an exciting and well pursued career. Because of this, gaining a position within the industry can be difficult, but experienced and dedicated individuals are always sort after.
As an entry level employee, vet clinics are looking for punctual, hard workers with an eye for detail that are eager to learn and be part of a busy team. You would expect to be involved in tasks such as handling patients, monitoring procedures, reception duties, setting up and assisting the Veterinarian, feeding and  exercising pets, general cleaning and of course a love for animals, which goes without saying.
As you progress with experience and through your formal studies of Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing your responsibilities would increase and may include scrubbing in to non-routine surgeries, completing basic dental procedures, participating in client consultations, performing pathology tests, completing administrative tasks, and preparing the patient for procedures including blood collection for routine screens and placing IV catheters for fluids.
Today, you can go far in a Veterinary Nursing career, aiding the Veterinarian in almost all parts of Veterinary Medicine. Nursing is a career of love. Like entry level nurses, the most experienced nurses must be willing to get their hands dirty and work flexible hours for modest wages. When looking for a Vet Nurse to join the Greencross Vets team we review many resumes that have been provided to the clinic. By reading the cover letter and resume details we will be aware of what sort of position applicants are looking for and can match you up to suitable opportunities.

About vet nursing studies

Greencross Vets works directly with Registered Training Organisations to offer their Vet Nurses the support to gain nationally recognised qualifications in Vet Nursing and your chosen career path. We understand many nurses wish to broaden their knowledge to specialise through Diploma studies or branch into customer service, coordinating teams and clinics, training, marketing and administration.
We place a strong emphasis on employee education, with an innovative internal training package that includes interactive seminars and practical workshops as well as our exciting and highly anticipated annual regional symposium.. A skill based levels system also means you are able to keep progressing in your career and be rewarded for your potential. All Greencross nurses receive ongoing support and structure in their training through clinic training, internal education programs and study groups.

Career path progression

Today’s’ veterinary industry offers Nurses an opportunity to progress in their chosen career.  Greencross Vets offers a career path like no other, encouraging our nurses to grow within our team rather than discover new challenges elsewhere.

Greencross Vets offer many opportunities for Vet Nurses and support team members:

  • Qualified Veterinary Nurse
  • Practice Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Retail Sales Manager
  • Group Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator
  • Administration and Accounts Managers
  • The sky is the limit!

Employment opportunities

As the largest provider of high quality veterinary services in Australia, Greencross Vets are continually seeking veterinary and nursing staff that have a strong desire to practice quality medicine, excellent patient care and are dedicated to maintaining their professional skills at a high level.

Where to start – turning dreams into reality

For those who have no formal qualifications or experience within the Vet Nursing industry, turn you dream into reality by undertaking our Greencross Vet Nurse Internship program. This program offers challenging and rewarding opportunities to launch your veterinary nursing career. Combining study with a professional Internship at Greencross Vets is a great way to gain real-life work experience and expand your veterinary skills.

The Internship Program allows successful applicants to work towards achieving a Certificate II in Animal Studies which is one of the entry level pre-requisites into Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing qualification ACM40418. Direct entry into Cert IV Vet Nursing ACM40418 can only be obtained by persons who:
• Hold a Certificate II in Animal Studies or
• Hold a relevant Certificate III or higher level qualification in an animal discipline or
• Can demonstrate equivalent skills and knowledge to any of the above qualifications

Should you wish to kick start your career in the Veterinary Nursing industry by undertaking an Internship please visit our website or go to Internship for further information.

Once you have met the entry level requirements, you can then progress onto ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. This is a nationally recognised course that provides training in both practical and technical skills relevant to the care and nursing of animals. This qualification consists of 21 units of competency, comprising of 17 core units and 4 elective units.
For more information on these qualifications contact your selected registered training organisation.

Greencross Vets chooses to enrol their nurses through the Animal Industries Resource Centre for all their training requirements including, Certificate and Diploma level qualifications. The distance learning study mode is preferred by most of our nurses as it combines an income with the qualification they require for their position.

Qualifications in Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing are competency based and can take the average student up to 3 years to complete.

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