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Nutrition For Birds

Dietary needs of birds The dietary needs for pet birds vary based on breed and lifestyle. Dr Matthew Gosbell from Greencross Vets Springvale gives advice on how to meet the correct nutrition for birds. ‘In the wild, birds would eat a range of foods with seasonal changes in their diets to suit their needs,’ says…

The Perfect Cage For Pet Birds

Nutrition For Birds

Pet Birds And Your Vet

Canker Disease In Birds

Exotic Pet Health – Birds

Exotic Pet Health – Birds Birds articles relating to Exotic Pet Health Feather Picking or Loss   What can you do? Most feather problems are due to one of five things: Nutritional deficiencies (seed and water is not enough) Viral infections Hormonal imbalances Psychological … read more Disease and Outbreaks in Aviaries   In spite…

Why Is My Bird Pulling Out Its Feathers?

Will My Chicken Get Cold?

What To Do If You Find A Snake In Your Home

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?


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