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No-nonsense Nutrition For Birds

The dietary needs for pet birds are a little more complex than just buying a seed from the pet store or supermarket. Dr Matthew Gosbell from Greencross Vets Springvale gives some advice on how to cater to their requirements. In the wild, birds would eat a huge range of foods with seasonal changes in their…

The Perfect Cage For Pet Birds

Nutrition For Birds

Pet Birds And Your Vet

Canker Disease In Birds

Exotic Pet Health – Birds

Exotic Pet Health – Birds Birds articles relating to Exotic Pet Health Feather Picking or Loss   What can you do? Most feather problems are due to one of five things: Nutritional deficiencies (seed and water is not enough) Viral infections Hormonal imbalances Psychological … read more Disease and Outbreaks in Aviaries   In spite…

Why Is My Bird Pulling Out Its Feathers?

Will My Chicken Get Cold?

What To Do If You Find A Snake In Your Home

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?


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