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No-nonsense Nutrition For Birds

The dietary needs for pet birds are a little more complex than just buying a seed from the pet store or supermarket. Dr Matthew Gosbell from Greencross Vets Springvale gives some advice on how to cater to their requirements. In the wild, birds would eat a huge range of foods with seasonal changes in their…

Why Is My Bird Pulling Out Its Feathers?

Stress In Your Pet Bird

The Perfect Cage For Pet Birds

Nutrition For Birds

Pet Birds And Your Vet

Birds are popular pets throughout Australia, but unfortunately they are often the ‘overlooked’ family pet when it comes time for them to be ‘off colour’. From finches to cockatoos, pet caged birds provide companionship, entertainment and interest for their owners. Budgerigars are the most commonly kept cage-bird, while canaries, lovebirds, finches, galahs and various parrots…

Bird Feather Picking Or Loss

Canker Disease In Birds

Found an Injured Bird, Here is What To Do

Exotic Pet Health – Birds


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