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Guinea Pig Dental Care

Ever wonder why your cavy is always gnawing on something? Guinea Pigs teeth are continuously growing throughout their life and in a healthy guinea pig, the biting, chewing, gnawing and grinding of food especially hays, grasses and abrasive foods will normally keep your guinea pigs teeth at a healthy length.  It is vital that a…

What sex is my guinea pig

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Dental Care

Rabbit and guinea pig health care

No-nonsense Nutrition For Pocket Pets

What To Do If You Find A Snake In Your Home

It’s not an uncommon occurrence for snakes of various species to find their way into people’s homes. Here’s what to do should you find one.   If you see a snake in your home, it’s extremely important to follow a few steps immediately:   Keep any children, pets and other family members away from the…

How Can I Tell If My Pet Is Feeling The Cold?

Heat Stress Can Be fatal For Your Pet

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