Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations and your pet

Cat and Dog playing together

Our pets offer us unconditional love and friendship. Just like any other family member, vaccinations for pets (particularly our puppy and kitten family members) is crucial to their health. To safeguard your pet from potentially serious and sometimes fatal diseases, Greencross Vets recommends a tailored preventative health care program for every pet, which includes regular vaccinations.

Why vaccinate?

In almost all cases, prevention is better than a cure. Most of the diseases prevented by vaccinations are viral and do not respond well to medication. Where treatments are available, they may be expensive and prolonged. For this and other reasons, we strongly recommend vaccinations.

When should you vaccinate your pet?

Generally, puppies and kittens require an initial series of three vaccines followed by an annual booster to ensure ongoing protection from disease. All Greencross Vets perform a comprehensive physical examination before any vaccination is given.
Your vet will review your pet’s medical file and help to determine exactly which vaccine program is appropriate depending on the age and health of your pet.
Unvaccinated pets are at risk of contracting serious or even fatal diseases. You can protect your dog or cat by maintaining the vaccination program recommended by your Greencross pet care team.

For more information on what disease your pet can be protected from with a simple vaccination please read the following articles:


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