Benefits of super premium food and veterinary diets

Why vets recommend super premium food and veterinary diets

At Greencross Vets, our number one priority is the health of your pet. This is why we wholeheartedly endorse super premium food and veterinary prescribed food which is formulated to improve your pet’s quality of life. Super premium food is used as a long-term, everyday diet and will provide all the nutrients your dog or cat needs to sustain an optimal level of health throughout their life stages. Prescription food is specially formulated to treat specific medical and/or surgical conditions.

If you haven’t already had a nutritional consultation with your vet, book an appointment with your local Greencross Vet to find the food that best suits the unique needs of your pet.

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Benefits of super premium food and veterinary diets

Suits all life stages
There is super premium food that has been specifically formulated for dogs and cats at all stages of their lives. Pets will face different health issues and have changing energy levels as they age. This is why age-specific diets are so important to your pet’s health. For example, super premium food for puppies and kittens is designed to promote the healthy development of their muscles, organs, bone, and brain. For adult dogs and cats, there is food specific to their physical attributes, like their breed, size, lifestyle, and whether they live indoors or outdoors. Senior pet food contains ingredients that support joint health in order to improve their mobility. Some prescription foods cannot be fed to dogs and cats of certain life stages, and your Greencross Vets can advise you on which diet is best for your unique pet.

Treats health conditions
Prescription food has been specifically formulated and developed to provide the right level of nutrients to dogs and cats who are facing diagnosed medical or surgical conditions. These vet prescription diets can combat issues relating to coat health, dental health, diabetes, digestive health, joint health, sensitive skin and stomach, urinary tract health, weight management, and more. To purchase this food, book an appointment with your local Greencross Vet who will provide you with the appropriate prescription diet.

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Vet approved
As super premium food and prescription food for pets has been formulated based on scientific research performed by veterinary specialist nutritionists, Greencross Vets are happy to recommend this type of food to our clients. To find out which super premium or prescription product will optimise your pet’s health, book an appointment with your vet. All super premium foods are complete and balanced and meet the nutritional standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), an organisation that is centred on safeguarding the health of animals.

Nutritious, balanced diet
By providing your dog or cat with super premium or prescription food, you can guarantee they are receiving the right level of nutrients for their age, breed, lifestyle and health issues, and negates the need for additional supplements. The mix of high quality protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins contained in this food will give your pet the energy they need to live a long and healthy life.

Easily digestible and produces smaller stools
One result of a balanced diet includes smaller, firmer, and less smelly stools. This helps with toilet training and is convenient for you to clean up. As your pet can stay on this optimised formula of food over the long-term, the fixed diet will be gentler on their stomach and reduce upsets.

Healthy pet inside and out
Overall, super premium food will enable your pet to be healthier and have a higher quality of life. You may notice that once they have been switched to super premium food, your best friend has more energy, a healthier skin, and a shinier coat.

Lower cost per feed
When you merely consider the upfront price of a bag, super premium food may seem like it has a large price tag attached. However, this is an imprecise way of understanding the true value for money of super premium food. Instead, measuring the ‘cost per feed’ is a much more accurate way of calculating the exact cost of feeding your cat or dog.

Non-premium food often has a much lower calorie density by weight of food, which is why you need to feed your pet a larger volume of food for them to receive the optimal amount of nutrients they require. Due to the concentrated level of nutrients available in super premium food, your pet will require a smaller serving size each meal, which lowers the cost per feed. Rather than looking at the cost of each bag, you must consider how many feeds you can get out of each bag. By taking into account the larger number of servings that you can get from one bag of super premium food compared to a same size bag of non-premium food, you may find that even though your pet is enjoying a significant increase in nutritional benefits, the overall increase in cost for you is minimal.

100% money back guarantee
Is your dog or cat a picky eater? At Greencross Vets, all purchases of super premium food come with a money back guarantee. If your pet isn’t pleased with their new diet, you can return the bag of food with your receipt for a full refund.

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