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5 top tips to entertain your cat!

When you are working from home, or if you are spending more time at home lately, there are lots of things you can do to keep your cats active. For cats, it is important to make the time to interact with them as a means of providing physical activity and to keep them happy and healthy. We have 5 easy, quick and fun ideas on how to keep your cat entertained at home.

1. Prime their hunting instincts with a cat toy

As we all know, cats have a strong natural hunting instinct. They love to chase, catch and bat toys with their paws (including dogs if they get too close!). Nurture those natural instincts and keep your cat entertained with a cat teaser toy. These toys usually consist of a lure (feathers or fabric) on the end of a string attached to a handle which you can hold and play with your cat.

These toys can provide lots of mental stimulation and activity for cats. Always supervise your cat when they are playing, string can be harmful to your cat if accidentally swallowed. You can get creative with toilet rolls, cardboard boxes and even balls made out of simple items such as paper or foil! Cats love things that move fast and will enjoy endless fun and activity with simple items. So, it’s time to start playing with your cat and shoot the perfect boomerang for your Instagram!

2. Provide a scratching post to climb

A scratching post, scratch box or pole is a wonderful gift you can give your cat. It will not only keep them busy, but it will help redirect scratching behaviour away from your precious furniture. Provide your cat with scratching posts in several locations to assist in strengthening their muscles as well as providing enough space so that they can roam and explore. Encourage your feline friend to scratch and play around the post. You may consider applying Feliscratch pheromone drops to the post. These are especially designed for scratching posts whereby the calming pheromones attract cats and encourage them to scratch or rub the post rather than your furniture.

Check out the great range of scratching posts available at our partners Petbarn. Petbarn has all your pet essentials, now available with zero contact click & collect and home delivery.

3. Capture your cat’s curiosity with online games

Your cat may enjoy technology as much as you do! There are lots of cat friendly games and videos available online. Try downloading interactive cat games on your iPad or phone or search for videos designed for cats on YouTube. Many feature images and sounds of small critters and birds which will naturally capture your cat’s attention. If the game is interactive, place the smart device on a steady surface in front of your cat, you may need to show them how to play by tapping the screen and showing them how it is done. Most cats become curious and start playing on their own. Remember, just like us, don’t let your cat have too much screen time!

If you have any questions about your cat’s behaviour, don’t hesitate to talk with your local Greencross Vets team.

4. Hide and Seek (without the ‘seek’)

Cats are independent creatures and they may not appreciate all the extra love and attention as a result of us being home all the time. Hiding spaces are essential for cats, this allows them to retreat when they are fearful or anxious and provides a safe space when it all gets too much for them. To ensure your cat doesn’t become overwhelmed or anxious, provide them with plenty of space to escape from the hustle and bustle of family life and a quiet area where they can have some ‘alone time’.

Providing access to several rooms is preferable, with lots of vertical spaces as cats love to climb (and these spaces can also be rest spots too). We all know how much cats love to sit up high and look down on their servants! Cats also love to curl up and hide in small spaces, such as an igloo bed or box.

Finally, ensure that your cat’s litter tray is not in a high-traffic area and if you notice inappropriate toileting or changes in your cat’s normal behaviour, speak with our friendly team at Greencross Vets for advice, we’re here to help.


5. Create an indoor Jungle Gym

If you have more time on your hands, why not build your cat a cool cat house with fun attachments and extensions to suit your cat’s personality. This can be as simple or elaborate as you like! A cat jungle gym can be the perfect solution to accommodate your cat’s different moods. If they’re having a grumpy cat day, provide a quiet area where they can curl up for a nap. For adventurous kitties provide secure surfaces or platforms where they can jump and climb, you can include their favourite toys to encourage playtime. Most cats enjoy relaxing in the sunshine and gazing out the window. Provide a comfy cat bed or hammock in the perfect spot.

Remember to incorporate different surfaces and textures like soft blankets, scratching posts and various boxes to hide inside. Recycled cardboard boxes are ideal and easy to find. If you are looking for more suggestions on how to keep your cat entertained, talk with your local Greencross Vets team today.

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