Yearly heartworm prevention for your canine companion

Maintaining your pet’s heartworm prevention is essential to keep them protected from contracting heartworms. An annual injection contains a continued release formula to ensure a full 12 months of protection. It can be safely given at the time of your pet’s vaccination and removes the need to remember to give your dog a monthly heartworm oral tablet or chew.

It just takes one infected mosquito to bite your pet and transmit heartworm. Heartworm infection is difficult to identify and the progression of this infection often goes unnoticed. When an infected mosquito bites, it injects a larval stage of the worm beneath the skin. This larvae matures in the organs for five to six months, developing into an adult worm and migrating through the organs to the heart and blood vessels of the lungs. These adult worms then breed to produce microfilaria (baby heartworm) in the bloodstream which are then drawn up by a mosquito when it feeds on the pet. And so the cycle begins again.

This disease is potentially fatal yet completely preventable by simply maintaining your dog’s annual heartworm injection.

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