How to entertain your dog at home

If you are running out of ideas on how to keep your dog entertained at home, we are here to the rescue.

Here is a list of ideas to keep your pet happy and healthy at home.

Game of Fetch

Dogs love it when they get extra attention. The best way to keep them engaged is playing a fun game with them, like a game of fetch. Most dogs enjoy the thrill of a chase, and will have fun running back and forth, all you need is a throw toy and a bit of space for them to run around. Before you play, please ensure that the space is free of any objects which could hurt them.

Tug of war

If you would like a more vigorous play session, then tug of war is a great option. You could use a rope tug toy, a toy with handles or even a long strip of cloth with knots for grip. Some dogs can play this game all day long but don’t let them get too tired out. Remember to keep play sessions short so your dog doesn’t get bored, take care not to vigorously pull on the toy so as to avoid damage to their teeth.

Enrichment Toys (KONG toys)

If your dog loves food, enjoys problem solving (or if you need a bit of a break), a KONG toy can be an excellent solution. You can take a break from playing with your dog but keep them happy and engaged with an enrichment toy. We recommend KONG toys that are safe and durable. Choose the right size toy for your dog (if the toy is too small, they may choke or swallow the toy whole). Always supervise your dog closely whenever they are playing with an enrichment toy. KONG makes specific flavoured “creams” that can be squirted inside the Kong. You may want to freeze the KONG on a hot day. You can place their kibble or yummy treats inside, many dogs love a smear of peanut butter (ensure it’s xylitol free) and this can keep them occupied for hours. There are even Facebook communities online about canine enrichment with lots of yummy KONG recipes and ideas.

Rotate your dog’s toys

If your dog has lots of toys, we recommend rotating their toys to keep them interested. Try giving your dog two or three toys each day, then take them away and replace with some other toys. Your dog will get excited when they see a toy which they haven’t played with in a long time.

Train your dog

If you are spending more time with your pet, you might as well make the most out of it by training them. Check out our training video and start training your pup.

Finally, keep an eye on your dog’s diet to ensure you are not overfeeding your pet. When we spend more time with our pets, we tend to give them more treats than usual. It can be very tempting when they look at us with their gorgeous puppy faces! If your pet is a little overweight, chat to our friendly team at Greencross Vets for some weight loss tips.

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