Test your knowledge with our Taylor Swift Animal Quiz!

Taylor Swift continues the Australian leg of her whirlwind Eras Tour this Friday in Sydney. 

Not only is she a pet parent herself, but the talented storyteller has a strong connection with animals through her lyrics! 

Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the animals in Taylor’s life! 

(Answers at the bottom of page)


1. Taylor Swift is a proud pet parent of cats! How many does she have? 

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4


2. Taylor Swift has two Scottish Fold cats named Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. Which TV show is the first name from? 

a) Criminal Minds 

b) Law & Order: SVU 

c) NCIS 


3. Taylor’s third cat, a Ragdoll, is named after which reverse-ageing fictional character? Benjamin… 

a) Zipper 

b) Velcro 

c) Button 


4. What type of animal does Taylor reference in her song You Need To Calm Down? 

a) Cheetah 

b) Snake 

c) Horse 


5. Which of Taylor’s songs mentions a shark in the lyrics? 

a) Trouble 

b) Karma 

c) Cornelia Street 


6. Taylor Swift is from Reading, Pennsylvania, where the closest major city is Philadelphia. The city’s NFL team is the Philadelphia… 

a) Hawks 

b) Ravens 

c) Eagles 


7. Taylor Swift made a cameo in which musical movie about animals? 

a) Sing 

b) Cats 

c) Happy Feet 


8. BONUS question: Taylor’s boyfriend Travis Kelce is a proud dog dad to a Pomeranian-husky named Chauncey, and a Goldendoodle named… 

a) Rocky  

b) Rambo  

c) Arnie


Taylor Swift cat pink



(1. 3; 2. Law & Order: SVU; 3. Button; 4. Snake; 5. Cornelia Street; 6. Eagles; 7. Cats; 8. Rambo) 

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