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Will My Chicken Get Cold?

Chickens have some pretty clever ways of beating the winter chill, but they may still need a bit of help from you. Like all birds, chickens use their feathers for insulation. “They can fluff up their feathers and trap air which warms it up,” says Greencross Vets’ Dr Matthew Gosbell. The Springvale vet says chickens…

What To Do If You Find A Snake In Your Home

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Moving House With A Pet

Joint Disease In Pets

How To Handle Sick Or Injured Wildlife

It’s inevitable that after a natural disaster or bushfire, wildlife become displaced from their natural environments and are often injured or sick as a result. What to do if you come across sick or injured wildlife First and foremost, sick or injured wildlife are very likely to be distressed and may run, hide or bite…

Heat Stress In Animals

Disease And Outbreaks In Aviaries

Chlamydiosis (Parrot Fever)

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