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Symposium Speakers

Speaker Information Aaron Williams Anne Fawcett Audra Starkey Brooke Williams Cameron Broome Carmen Atkinson Caroline Montgomery David Lurie Esther Boon Giselle Hosgood Hayley Squance Helsa The James Simcock Jasmin Hyatt Jasmine Feeney Jason Whitton Jessie Rice Jo Hatcher John Hutt John Punke Leah Bradbury Linda Fleeman Maggie Burley Natasha Evans Peter Bennett Rachel Chay Rob…

Will My Chicken Get Cold?

What To Do If You Find A Snake In Your Home

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Moving House With A Pet

Joint Disease In Pets

What is joint disease? Many of our pets develop some form of joint disease during their life. It can often be difficult to detect, as pets are unable to tell us when or where they hurt. The more obvious signs are generally only visible to the eye once the disease has progressed. Joint disease can be…

How To Handle Sick Or Injured Wildlife

Heat Stress In Animals

Disease And Outbreaks In Aviaries

Chlamydiosis (Parrot Fever)


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