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Transitioning Your Dog Or Cat To A New Food

When to transition your pet’s food There are many reasons why you may need to change your pet’s diet. It may be necessary to transition your pet to a new food if your veterinarian has recommended a prescription diet in order to treat a specific health condition. Perhaps after having a nutritional consultation with your vet,…

Orphaned Puppies

Feline Desexing Reminder



Terms and Conditions

Healthy Pets Plus – Membership Healthy Pets Plus Limited aims to: Educate members in relation to animal health and wellness of Companion Animals to ensure the Companion Animals of members live longer, happier and healthier Promote wellness veterinary services for the benefit of the Companion Animals of members To promote veterinary services and veterinary products…

Spotless House Training

What Causes Canine Cough?

When Should I Call The Vet?

What Is Parvovirus?


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