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Moving House With A Pet

Moving house can be tough on us – but it’s even harder on our pets. They don’t understand why everything in their environment is changing. Moving can lead to pets going missing (in search of their previous home territory) or behavioural changes. Like the rest of us, pets need a little extra TLC at moving time….

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

How Can I Tell If My Pet Is Feeling The Cold?

Health Care For The Older Pet

Exercising With Older Pets

7 Key Signs Of Ageing Pets

It’s easy to forget that our pets are ageing around seven times faster than us. As our pets get older, they are more susceptible to age-related diseases. Often, the signs of ageing can be subtle. Here are some key signs of ageing in our beloved companions. The seven signs of ageing difficulty rising or walking, or going…

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