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My Cat Always Attacks Me. Why?

Why your cat attacks Aggression is a natural part of many animals’ survival instincts. It can come from fear, pain or even something they learned from you. Here are some tips if your cat is prone to aggression. Growing up As kittens grow, they learn social skills from their littermates through play fights with one another….

Is Your Cat Bored?

Kidney Disease In Cats

Hookworm In Cats and Dogs

Identify If Your Cat Is Living With Arthritis

Identifying If Your Cat Has Been In A Cat Fight

Is your cat the bully or the victim in your neighbourhood? Inside every cuddly kitty, there might be a ferocious, territorial lion. While we know that cats live longer and healthier lives if they are kept indoors, many people still feel their cats need to roam. Some cats are more aggressive than others but usually,…

If I Put My Cat On A Diet, Will They Still Love Me?

Indoor Spraying In Cats

Indoor Toileting Problems In Cats

Heartworm Disease In Cats


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