The opportunities are endless when joining the Greencross network

We’re always looking for like-minded partners to join our Greencross network. Partnering with us involves us investing in your practice and working with you to support your team, to provide outstanding care to clients and patients and grow your practice. It is an opportunity to ‘link arms’ with a veterinary partner who is equally committed to clinical integrity and excellence whilst providing the ability for you to draw on, and contribute to, the strength of the combined network.

A vet holding a puppy while a nurse gives the dog a treat

Partner with us

Joining our network helps you maintain clinical independence, whilst also leveraging the scale and experience of Greencross in several areas, like:

– Investment to fund new equipment or a clinic refurbishment.
– Human resources support for recruitment of both domestic and international staff, as well as retention, including a structured graduate program.
– Access to leading learning and development programs that help mentor, train and develop you and your teams, including our Greencross Growth Scholarship program to allow for further qualifications.
– Marketing support to bring new customers into your practice.
– Administrative support in the areas of payroll, 24/7 IT support, induction and onboarding, health and safety, complaints handling and public relations support.

With the backing of the Greencross Support Office on the business side to help you enhance the efficiency of your practice and operations, plus the network’s world-class continuing education program and commitment to flexible working hours and paid parental leave, your clinic will retain the best of both worlds. To put it simply, you can focus on what you do best.

The outside of a Greencross Vet Clinic

What we stand for

Greencross is passionate about ‘making the world a happier place through the love of pets’.

This is our mission, and it is shared across all 5,000 team members in our network, including our veterinary, retail and services teams. With an extensive network that provides a wide range of pet health and wellness services and products, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader in the provision of integrated pet care. We do so by inspiring pet health and wellbeing, for life. We have a relationship with over 2.3 million Australian pet owing households and, while these pet parents all share common needs for veterinary care, we can only provide vet services to a portion of these households with our existing network.

ARH surgeon Sarah Goldsmid in theatre doing surgery

Interested in finding out more?

We want to invest in and partner with independent vet organisations who share our same values for:

– Patient care, pet health and wellness;
– Client service and offering expert advice to pet owners; and
– Supporting the professional development and personal needs of the clinic teams so that they can continue to deliver high quality patient care and client service.

If this of interest to you and you’d like to understand more about what being a partner practice entails, please contact us on a confidential basis at:

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