When a pet burns themselves, damage to the surface or deeper layers of the skin can occur immediately. A typical burn is caused by dry heat, like a flame, corrosive chemicals, radiation, electricity or cold. A scald is caused by a moist heat, such as hot oil, wax or water.


  • hair loss or the hair is easily plucked or falls out
  • red skin
  • a hot area of skin
  • swelling
  • moisture seepage
  • pain
  • ‘leathery’ look

First aid

  • cool the area immediately with cool running water or a cool compress
  • immerse in or flush with water, or apply a cool pack to the affected area for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • apply a moist, cool compress to the affected area
  • keep the pet warm by wrapping in a blanket
  • transport pet to a vet
  • in the case of a chemical burn, bring the packet of toxin in order for the vet to identify the active ingredient

First aid (chemical burn)

  • do not allow pet to lick the area
  • do not rub the burnt area
  • follow basic First Aid guidelines for burns

First aid (electrical burn)

  • always ensure the electricity has been turned off before touching the pet. It is best to do this at the mains power switch
  • follow basic First Aid guidelines for burns

In the case of your pet receiving any type of burn, take them to your local Greencross Veterinarian immediately.

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