Beat The Boredom

Is your dog bored, destructive or barking excessively when left alone?kong

Being left at home alone or confined to a backyard all day can induce boredom in even the most well-behaved dog. Dogs in the wild spend 95% of their time looking for food. Bowl feeding at the end of the day generally lasts about two minutes, so why not make the highlight of their day last for hours?

Kong toys are a fantastic way to keep your canine friend mentally stimulated throughout the day. Kongs have a hollow centre to stuff with tasty treats that require skill and persistence to get to. Kong toys have an unpredictable bounce that will keep your dog guessing. They’re the perfect boredom-busters and even encourage physical activity.

Kong filling recipes

Honeyed kong

  • mix dry kibble with a tablespoon of honey and put in the microwave for 10 seconds
  • then pack tightly into the kong and refrigerate
  • honey will set and be more difficult to get out

Refreshing kong

  • pack dog food or healthy vegetable leftovers into the kong and freeze

Soup kong

  • seal the small end of the kong
  • pour any kind of broth or vegemite flavoured water into it and freeze

Dry kong

  • fill the kong with different sized kibble and liver treats
  • pack them in and hang upside down from the clothesline

Quick kong

  • use vegemite or peanut paste and wipe a large amount on the inside of the kong with a knife, getting it all the way to the end
  • it won’t last long but will do when you’re in a hurry

Make your canine’s kong experience a challenging and entertaining way to obtain treats throughout the day. Your imagination can make your dogs everyday life more interesting and stimulating when left alone. Be creative with where you place the kong and what yummy recipes you stuff it with.

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