Keeping your dog entertained when it’s raining

Many dogs are like us and don’t enjoy going outside when it’s raining. However, some water loving breeds such as Labradors and Newfoundlands may see splashing in puddles outside as a fun game. For the rest of us who prefer to stay dry, here’s some indoor activities you can do to keep your pup entertained.

Make games from meal times

Investing in some different types of puzzle feeders such as snuffle mats and kongs or even hiding food around the house can stimulate their sense of smell. This provides mental stimulation that is very worthwhile even when the sun is out.

Practice command training

If you would like a more vigorous play session, then tug of war is a great option. You could use a rope tug toy, a toy with handles or even a long strip of cloth with knots for grip. Some dogs can play this game all day long but don’t let them get too tired out. Remember to keep play sessions short so your dog doesn’t get bored, take care not to vigorously pull on the toy so as to avoid damage to their teeth.

Organise a play date

Whether it be with a trusted friend’s dog or even at a doggy daycare center. Arranging some social time can really help reduce any boredom associated with rainy days.

Pamper sessions

This may be a good time to spend some extra time bonding with your dog through the act of grooming. Sleepy relaxed days can make for a good time to clip nails and brush hairy coats. Even a bath might be on the cards if your dog has been getting muddy splashing in puddles.

Bake some healthy dog safe treats

This is a great way to pass the time and your dog will absolutely love taste testing your creations. Here’s some recipes for inspiration (link to b’day cake recipes here?). Do have fun but make sure you don’t use any toxic ingredients such as chocolate, xylitol or macadamia nuts.

Screen time

If all else fails, take the time to curl up on the couch with cuddles and a movie. YouTube has a great range of ‘Dog TV’ videos available. Your dog loves spending time with you!

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