Make Flea Treatments Work For You

Correct advice and use of products can eradicate fleas from your pet this summer – even if you have tried and failed in the past.
Vets say most problems with flea control occur through lack of understanding of the need for consistent treatment both on and off the animals.  This is required because fleas don’t spend all of their time on the animal – they move away, perhaps into the pet’s bedding, the yard, the house ….. anywhere the pets have access.  The flea eggs may stay alive there for 2 years just waiting for the right climatic conditions to hatch.  Under suitable conditions fleas may repeat their life cycle in three weeks.
Some tips on beating fleas:

  • Fight fleas both on the pet and in the environment – the house, yard and the pet’s bedding may all need treatment
  • If using a flea rinse on your dog, do not wash the animal with a soap or detergent base shampoo before or after the flea rinse unless specifically recommended on the product label – you will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment
  • Measure the rinse accurately and groom well into the dog’s coat using a large sponge.
  • All in-contact animals should be treated at the same time with the appropriate products.

There is now a large range of suitable products for flea control.  Ask your Veterinary Clinic for the most effective methods of control for your particular situation.

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