Pet Blood Donors

Just like in human medicine, blood donations can be life saving for pets in need.

Blood is a life saving therapy that is in constant demand by vet hospitals around Australia. Did you know that just one donation can save the lives of up to three critically ill animals? Pets may require a blood transfusion if they suffer from a severe trauma or illness. Our Greencross Vets clinics work closely with our partner emergency and specialist referral hospitals and we are always looking for suitable dog and cat blood donors. Could your pet save a life?

Becoming a pet blood donor

There are some key requirements that these lifesaving donor animals must meet.

Dogs must:
• Weigh more than 25 kg
• Be between 1 – 8 years old
• Be up to date on all vaccinations, tick prevention and heartworm treatments
• Have no serious illnesses or long-term medications
• Have a calm nature
• Never received a blood transfusion previously

Cats must:
• Be of larger build (minimum 4.5kg)
• Be up to date on preventative medications
• Have a calm temperament (ideal but not essential)
• Be less than 10 years old

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What’s involved?

Blood donors will usually receive a free blood screen before each donation and complimentary blood typing (handy in the future if they require a transfusion themselves). The donation procedure is performed in the comfort of our Stress-Free accredited hospitals, to ensure your pet is relaxed and content throughout. Your pet will receive free intravenous fluid therapy for a period after their donation to ensure their comfort and wellbeing. As a thank you for your kindness, you will also receive a clinic credit to your account to spend with our hospital. Please note that individual hospitals may have their own program requirements and procedures in place, so please contact the clinic or hospital directly for more information.

To learn more, contact your local Greencross Vet clinic or specialist emergency hospital. 
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