Puppy Health Check


Just brought a new puppy home?

Greencross Vets is your partner in pet care and we’re here to support you and your new furry family member. It’s important that your puppy starts off on the right paw.

As a national organisation with the latest in equipment and facilities, we are able to provide your puppy with the care they need whenever they need it. Each local veterinary practice is dedicated to providing a superior level of service where we treat your pets with the love we give to our own. Bring your new puppy in to meet your local Greencross Vets team today.

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What to expect at your puppy’s first health check

Your puppy will have many routine vet visits throughout their life stages. At Greencross Vets we’re committed to establishing a positive relationship with them from the very start.

Your puppy’s visit

  • Much like a baby’s visit to a GP, your puppy will be weighed and their temperature checked
  • The vet will perform a full examination of your puppy from their nose to their tail. Their eyes, ears, gums, teeth, heart, lungs, joints, lymph nodes and coat will be clinically examined for any abnormalities
  • Their first vet visit often also involves their first vaccination
  • Of course, your puppy will be rewarded with treats for their good behaviour!

Your visit

  • The vet will have questions for you about your puppy’s history, current diet, flea, tick, and worming, and general behaviour
  • The vet may also ask you to bring a small sample of your puppy’s stool to check for worms
  • Feel free to ask your vet any questions about how to best care for your puppy


If your puppy has not already been microchipped, it is important for you to do so at this first vet visit. Microchips are implanted under your puppy’s skin so that if they ever become lost, the vet or animal shelter can scan the chip to reveal an identity number. This can be traced to your contact details in order to return your beloved pet. This is a compulsory process in Australia (except the Northern Territory). Book in your puppy’s first vet visit now and ask your Greencross Vet for advice on microchipping, vaccinations, desexing and more.

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Vaccinations are vital to your puppy’s health. The diseases that vaccinations protect against are serious and often hard to treat, so prevention is key. Get your puppy’s vaccinations up to date now.


Having your pupping desexed (neutered or spayed) is essential to their health. All Greencross Vets facilities are completely sterile and use the latest in surgical equipment. Discuss this procedure with your vet today.

Puppy School

Greencross Vets Puppy School is an excellent starting point for any owner wanting a well-trained and socialised pet. All vaccinated puppies 8 – 16 weeks old are eligible so enrol now!

Healthy Pets Plus Membership Benefits

Vaccinations & Microchipping

  •  free vaccinations
    (as recommended by your Greencross Vet)
  •  free microchipping (if needed)

Parasite Prevention

  •  20% discount on parasite prevention
  •  20% discount on heartworm injection


  •  unlimited consultations


  •  20% discount on pet food
  •  nutritional counselling and weight management
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