Pet Dentistry

pet dentistry

Around 80% of pets have some form of dental disease by the age of four. The most obvious sign to a pet owner is bad breath. Other clinical signs include:

  • plaque and tartar build-up
  • reddened gums (gingivitis)
  • excessive salivation
  • chattering teeth
  • difficulty chewing

Dental disease is particularly common in dogs with long coats and most breeds of cats.

Dental disease has been associated with heart, liver, and kidney problems in animals. It is well documented that proper dental care can add years to your pet’s life. Greencross Vets provides the highest quality dental care. We utilise dental equipment similar to what you would find at a human dentist. Under a general anaesthetic, your pet’s teeth, gums, and mouth are thoroughly examined, the plaque and tartar removed, and the teeth polished. After the procedure, our staff will assist you to create an at-home dental hygiene plan.

We stock a number of tasty prescription diets that help prevent tartar. As well as dietary, we stock a range of different products to assist in pet dental care including toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouth rinses. and dental treats.

Give your pet the healthy mouth and happy smile they deserve and book a dental check-up today!


Healthy Pets Plus

Healthy Pets Plus is a proactive, preventative wellness program for your pet. Members enjoy $200 OFF a dental scale + polish! Learn more.

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