Tips for a stress-free vet visit!

Bringing your cat to the vet can sometimes be stressful, for you and your cat. But it doesn’t have to be! Cats are independent animals and they like to be in control of their environment. Any unfamiliar sights and smells can upset them. Below are some helpful hints to make visits to the vet clinic less stressful.


Making sure you have the right carrier

  • A strong and sturdy carrier that is made of plastic or plastic coated so it is easy to clean.
  • A carrier that opens from the top (or where the top can be easily removed) is ideal, so that your cat can be lifted out gently rather than tipped or dragged out.
  • Avoid swinging the carrier or banging it against things when you are carrying it.


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Getting your cat used to the carrier 

  • Start by leaving the carrier out around the house so your cat can get used to it (so it doesn’t only come out when the cat is going to the vet).
  • Put some familiar clothing, bedding or toys in the carrier (you can also spray with Feliway™)
  • You can start feeding your cats meals near the carrier so they can become comfortable around it.
  • You can also please your cats meals or favourite treats inside to encourage them to enter.
  • Once your cat enters the carrier on its own, close the door for just a moment, then you can gradually increase the time that your cat is inside with the door closed (if your cat gets stressed with the door closed, take it more slowly).


  Getting your cat ready for the vet

  • Try to avoid forcing your cat into the carrier – place them gently inside or encourage them to enter on their own with treats if possible.
  • Keep the familiar bedding/clothing inside, and take spares in case your cat goes to the toilet in the carrier.
  • Using Feliway™ spray 30 minutes beforehand can help relax them.
  • Wrap your cat in a thick towel or blanket if they get stressed and place them in the carrier.
  • Using a towel or blanket to cover the carrier can help your cat feel more secure and keep them calm.
  • When travelling in the car, ensure the carrier is secure so it doesn’t move around.
  • Car rides can be very stressful, so start with just placing the cat in its carrier in a stationary car (with plenty of treats), then practice with short trips.
  • It is best to bring your cat to the vet hungry, and bring treats with you, so you can use them as rewards and lures during the consult.


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