Telemedicine Terms of Service


By entering the Online Consultation Room or participating in a Telemedicine consultation, you accept and agree to the following Terms of Service.

1. We may offer you and your pet a Telemedicine consultation, as part of a scheduled, post-consultation health monitoring program, if

a. we have an established Vet – Client – Patient Relationship (VCPR) between you, your pet and Greencross Veterinary Clinics, because:

i. a Greencross Veterinarian has recently – and no longer than 6-months – conducted an in-person, clinical examination of your pet within a Greencross clinic;
ii. the veterinarian has assumed responsibility for making judgements regarding the health and welfare of your pet and the need for treatment, with your agreement; and
iii. the veterinarian is available or has advised you where you can obtain emergency coverage, for follow-up evaluation in the event of an adverse reaction or failure of the treatment regimen;

b. the veterinarian has sufficient knowledge of your pet to initiate at least a general or preliminary diagnosis of your pet’s medical condition, based on:

i. up to date knowledge of the keeping and care of your pet, by virtue of a clinical examination; or
ii. timely inspections of the premises where you keep your pet and an assessment of the general health of your pet(s) kept there; and

c. after taking all known circumstances into account, the veterinarian decides that a Telemedicine consultation is appropriate and consistent with the care regime of your pet.
d. you are conducting Telemedicine consultation within the same Australian State as Greencross clinic.

2. Each Telemedicine consultation is limited to only one pet, and each Telemedicine consultation is billed separately.

3. Before the Telemedicine consultation commences, we may ask you to:

a. provide your credit card details via;
b. confirm your identity, by asking you to provide personal information we have already recorded at a Greencross Clinic; or
c. provide any further information reasonably necessary or helpful to undertake the Telemedicine consultation.

4. By participating in a Telemedicine consultation, you agree to these Terms of Service and the Terms of Use of the intermediary service provider ( that hosts our Telemedicine consultations. Details of can be found by clicking on this link.

5. You agree that we may make audio and visual recordings of your Telemedicine consultation for any or all of the following purposes:

a. use in your pet’s ongoing care;
b. ongoing Greencross Clinic training;
c. review to help us identify or make service improvements; and
d. auditing purposes or for our internal records of what service we provided, what treatment we recommended or what happened during the consultation.

6. You may be charged a service fee in Australian Dollars that is payable upon completion of a Telemedicine consultation.

7. Greencross Clinics may refuse to offer or undertake a Telemedicine consultation or provide or suggest treatment if any fee(s) are outstanding.

If you do not accept these Terms of Service you are welcome to contact your nearest Greencross Clinic for an in-person consultation.

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