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Welcome to Greencross Vets Aitkenvale/Central

Greencross Vets Aitkenvale is closed on Sundays until further notice.

We are so happy for the many new pet parents experiencing the joy of loving a pet, however with a steep increase in pet ownership and a national shortage of veterinary staff, we have made the difficult decision to reduce our hours.

If your pet needs veterinary care on a Sunday:  
• For routine vet advice, you can speak with a qualified vet 24/7 with Greencross WebVet. They will assess your pet via video, provide advice and take notes of your pet’s condition, ensuring continuity of care. WebVet is free for Healthy Pets Plus members! Terms of Service apply. Learn more.

• For pet emergencies or urgent care, please call JCU Vet Emergency Clinic on 4781 3600. 
We thank you for your patience during this time and hope to resume 7 day appointment availability as soon as we can.

For the love of healthy, happy pets, 
The team at Greencross Vets Aitkenvale
07 4779 2500


Welcome to Greencross Vets Aitkenvale

Greencross Vets Aitkenvale has a team of local pet care professionals, who are dedicated and truly ‘passionate about pets’ while loving what they do, day in and day out.

We provide a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services to cater for all your pet needs, ranging from preventative health care to weight loss programs through to surgery and diagnostic medicine.

Greencross Vets Aitkenvale is situated approximately ten minutes from the CBD, easily accessible from all areas of Townsville. The centre features experienced veterinarians who are available between 8:00am – 6:00pm 6 days a week.

You will find the finest veterinary clinic and hospital facilities, which included Digital Radiography, Endoscope, Ultrasonography and in house pathology, and a skilled vet that can help your pet at our animal hospital.

Our extensive practice offers the latest and most up-to-date animal treatments with the peace of mind that our veterinarians are constantly updating their veterinary qualifications.

Our Mission is to provide outstanding care for our patients and clients, whether that is for a simple nail clip, best behaviour classes or complicated medical cases.

Our Services.

Greencross Vets Aitkenvale/Central offer a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services to cater for all your pet care needs utilising the latest diagnostic equipment.

We also have experienced vets qualified in Veterinary Behaviour. See below for more information on how we can support your fur family.


Getting your pet desexed (neutered or spayed) is essential to their health. All Greencross Vets facilities are completely sterile and use the latest in surgical equipment.


Prevention is the best medicine. Kitten and puppy vaccinations (injections) and adult pet vaccinations prevent disease. Get your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date.


At our Aitkenvale and Hyde Park clinics, we have experienced vets qualified in Veterinary Behaviour, and offer consults for dog or cat behavioural issues such as anxiety, conflict or reactivity.

Please call us on 4779 2500 to book.


Greencross Vets offer a range of dentistry services like cat and dog teeth cleaning. Consider us your pet’s veterinarian and dentist combined.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm can be hard to detect, but it needn’t be hard to prevent. Greencross Vets recommends year round heartworm prevention. Ask your vet about prevention today.

Puppy Pre-School

Greencross Vets Puppy School is an excellent starting point for owners wanting a well-managed and socialised pet. Courses run for four to six weeks. Click to learn more.


Laboratory Testing

The latest in-house laboratory equipment allows our vets to perform a range of diagnostic tests to achieve accurate, rapid diagnosis of your pets’ health status.

Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology allows our vets to analyse and diagnose health conditions. Common laboratory tests include blood tests, urinalysis, faecal tests and biopsy examination.



Greencross Vets clinics are equipped with high-quality radiograph equipment including X-ray machines, automatic processors, and X-ray view equipment.



An ultrasound is a painless diagnostic procedure that allows vets to take a closer look at your pet’s health. We only use the latest technology for the most accurate diagnoses.

Meet The Team

Dr Pooja Bahal

Dr Pooja Bahal


Dr Pooja has been working as a small animal veterinarian for over 10 years. She enjoys all aspects of the job, especially internal medicine, critical care and behavioural medicine.

She has recently achieved Memberships in Veterinary Behaviour. She looks forward to treating your pets at Greencross Vets Aitkenvale.

Pooja is a pet parent to two dogs – Hamish and Nyx.

Tailah Moyle

Tailah Moyle

Head Veterinary Nurse

Tailah started with Greencross Vets in 2010 as a School Based Trainee and completed my Certificate II in Animal Studies. She fell in love with nursing and went on to complete her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Tailah loves all aspects of nursing, but she especially loves critical care and feline medicine. She is very passionate about providing the best level of care for our patients and helping them in every way she and her team can! Tailah is passionate about aspects of nursing, but she especially loves feline medicine and critical care.

At home she is a pet parent to a dog named Renny and two cats, Milko and Kevin

Connie Bretherton

Connie Bretherton

Veterinary Nurse

Connie’s love for the animal industry started by completing a Certificate III in Animal Studies in 2019. She quickly found her passion working with lost pets in a rescue and shelter-based environment, focusing mainly on dog and cat husbandry, behaviour assessments and adoption.

Connie has an interest in owner education, animal welfare and working to spread awareness of responsible pet ownership throughout our Townsville community. She also loves to foster animals that need some extra love in her spare time.

Her journey Greencross Vets started in 2023, where she begun working and training as a Veterinary Nurse so that she can help animals in a whole different field!



Veterinary Nurse

Alex has been a part of our team since February 2022. Alex gained her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2018 and has been nursing for nine years. She has a passion for nursing critically ill patients back to health as well as caring for all patients in our hospital. In her free time, Alex enjoys taking her horses Bobby & Mr Ed on trail rides, and camping with her friends and family. At home she is a pet parent to a number of pets including Leo a Great Dane, Bear a German Shepherd, Little Boy a ginger cat and Mini a cat. Without a shadow of doubt Alex’s passion for animal care revolve around giving the best quality care to all pets in our health care facilities.



Veterinary Nurse

Ally started her veterinary nursing career in 2016 in Victoria and completed her Cert IV in VN in 2018. Ally has been a part of the Greencross Vets Aitkenvale family since February 2022. Ally is very passionate about providing the best care to the patients in our hospital. Outside of work, Ally loves swimming and camping! At home, she is a pet parent to Moose a Rottweiler, Chicken and Rosie the Chihuahuas.
Ally is passionate about preventative health and pathology.

Madison Fisher

Madison Fisher

Veterinary nurse

Madison was born and raised in Townsville and throughout her schooling life she frequently moved towns to Innisfail, Cairns, Mount Isa and back to Townsville. Her first veterinary experience was through school work-experience in 2013 with Townsville Vet Clinic for two weeks, it was from then on she knew that veterinary nursing was something she really wanted to do.

Upon completing high school she started studying animal health immediately at Open Colleges and completed her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing qualification, with plans to continue her education particularly in the avian field. I gained work placement with James Cook University veterinary clinic where she gained experience caring for a variety of animals such as turtles, pelicans, snakes and bilbies.

Madison then joined the team at Greencross Vets Riverway, as a placement student in early 2019, which developed into employment. A team which she boasts is, ” A fantastic supportive team and look forward to further studies alongside the team”.

During my days off she can be found further educating herself, gardening, going fishing, if you have not noticed Madison is a I very outdoorsy person and likes to spend most of her time out in the sun.

Dr. Leah Denman

Dr. Leah Denman

Associate Veterinarian

Leah was born and grew up in Somerset (South West), England before graduating from The Royal Dick Vet College, Edinburgh in 1997. After working in a rural practice for five years, Leah decided that a holiday was in order and spent 12 months working her way around the west coast of Australia. Having enjoyed this experience immensely, Leah decided to make the move permanent in 2003 and has been living in Townsville ever since. Leah enjoys all aspects of veterinary work but especially enjoys surgery, including stifle (knee) repairs, cutaneous reconstruction (skin grafting etc.) and eye repairs of all kinds.

Outside of work Leah enjoys spending time with her cat Cookie Monster. She also enjoy photography and white water kayaking, but her main love though is mountain biking. She loves the sport because it has taken her to many amazing places geographically and mentally, in the past she has completed at the competitions on local, state or national level as well as charity rides.

Julie Molino

Julie Molino

Practice Manager

I grew up in a small town of Ayr and from a very young age I always wanted to work with animals. I started working in a Veterinary practice as a vet nurse when I left school and worked there for eight years full time and then five years part time.

I moved to Townsville with my husband and two children and started working for a business that specialised in Equine Products. It was seven years later that I decided that I wanted to come back to the where my passion is and that is the veterinary industry. I’m excited to be part of the team at Greencross Vets Aitkenvale and look forward to meeting you and your pets.

251-255 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale QLD 4814


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