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Welcome to Greencross Vets Earlville

We are your local team of pet care professionals, we are truly ‘passionate about pets’ and we love what we do.

Here at Greencross Vets Earlville, we provide a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services to cater for all your pet needs, ranging from preventative health care to weight loss programs through to surgery and diagnostic medicine.

We provide medical and surgical care for dogs and cats, as well as birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, rats, mice and wildlife. We have comfortable hospital accommodation suitable for housing animals for extended periods for their treatment and recovery. We also have a separate isolated quiet hospital for cats so they are not exposed to dogs and noise.

We have a strong focus on Preventative Health Care, and offer services in Medicine, Surgery and Diagnostics, Behaviour, and Emergency Services, as well as ancillary services such as Grooming, Nutrition and Food Supplies, and Pet Accessories.

We encourage you to contact us directly should you have any questions about your pet’s health and wellbeing or if you simply want more information about the services that we can provide you and your pets.

We are proud to serve the local Cairns community – we hope to see you and your pets in clinic for a regular check up soon!

Our Services.

Greencross Vets Earlville offer a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services to cater for all your pet care needs utilising the latest diagnostic equipment.


Getting your pet desexed (neutered or spayed) is essential to their health. All Greencross Vets facilities are completely sterile and use the latest in surgical equipment.


Prevention is the best medicine. Kitten and puppy vaccinations (injections) and adult pet vaccinations prevent disease. Get your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm can be hard to detect, but it needn’t be hard to prevent. Greencross Vets recommends year round heartworm prevention. Ask your vet about prevention today.


Greencross Vets offer a range of dentistry services like cat and dog teeth cleaning. Consider us your pet’s veterinarian and dentist combined.


Don’t have your own clippers? Let us take care of dog grooming for you. Our clinic offers premium dog grooming for your pet.

Puppy Pre-School

Greencross Vets Puppy School is an excellent starting point for owners wanting a well-managed and socialised pet. Courses run for four to six weeks. Click to learn more.



An ultrasound is a painless diagnostic procedure that allows vets to take a closer look at your pet’s health. We only use the latest technology for the most accurate diagnoses.



Greencross Vets clinics are equipped with high-quality radiograph equipment including X-ray machines, automatic processors, and X-ray view equipment.

Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology allows our vets to analyse and diagnose health conditions. Common laboratory tests include blood tests, urinalysis, faecal tests and biopsy examination.


Laboratory Testing

The latest in-house laboratory equipment allows our vets to perform a range of diagnostic tests to achieve accurate, rapid diagnosis of your pets’ health status.

Meet The Team

Ronelle Duce

Ronelle Duce

Practice Manager

Ronelle has been in the role of Practice Manager for a period of eight months. She has been Veterinary Nursing for over two and a half decades and am still loving it. Ronelle loves working in an environment where every day is different and challenging.

Dr. Jason Germain

Dr. Jason Germain

Veterinary Director

I grew up in London and from a young age always loved animals. At school I excelled in science, so it seemed only logical to combine my two loves and become a vet! I studied Veterinary Science at The University of Melbourne and after graduating worked in Mackay, then several locations in the UK and finally Townsville. I have extensive experience in medical case work-up and also love soft tissue surgery.

There are many things that I love about my job. Nurturing staff and empowering their growth is another exciting part of my job. I regularly attend further education courses to ensure we are practicing the very best medicine and surgery. Outside of work I love spending time with family and friends.

Kyesha Jayde Thompson

Kyesha Jayde Thompson

Veterinary Nurse

Kyesha joined Greencross vets Cairns in 2022 and has become a valued member of our team. Starting at a very young age, Kyesha had a strong passion for the care of animals. Kyesha loves to see happy pets coming into our clinic, but even more so, watching those animals we cared for through illness walk out the door healthy and happy again. The happiness seen in both pets and their owners being reunited melts her heart.
As a pet owner herself to her two beautiful English Staffys Lulu and Winston, Kyesha knows the deep bond between pets and their parents.
Kyesha will always have a big place in her heart dedicated to the love of fur babies & we are very lucky to have her as such a dedicated part of our team.

Dr Anne Frank Gallagher vom Braucke

Dr Anne Frank Gallagher vom Braucke


Dr Anne is originally from Denmark and graduated from University of Copenhagen 2020. She has been practicing as a vet in Denmark, Portugal, Poland, and Melbourne before joining Greencross in Cairns. Dr Anne has a strong interest in dermatology and feline medicine and is planning on specialising in feline medicine – because cats are just awesome.
In her free time, she can be found exploring the amazing nature surrounding Cairns, or chilling in the garden with her family which includes one husband and one cat (for now!).

Dr Rhys Loudon BVSc

Dr Rhys Loudon BVSc


Dr Rhys has been a small animal vet since 2015 and recently moved from Hervey Bay with his wife and two daughters. With a strong passion for surgery, Dr Rhys is currently undergoing training to complete his memberships – a widely respected step in the veterinarian profession becoming a Veterinary Surgery Specialist. On the weekend, Dr Rhys and his young family enjoy traveling around the tablelands and visiting creeks and waterfalls.
You can find Dr Rhys working between both the Earlville and Redlynch Greencross Vets clinics.

Kalinda Hansen

Kalinda Hansen

Veterinary Nurse

Kali has been part of the team since 2018 when she first started at Greencross in Cairns. Her journey began as an intern while studying her Certificate II in Animal Studies, and now as a Certificate IV qualified Veterinary Nurse. She thoroughly enjoys assisting and monitoring surgery, but when surgery is finished you will probably find her helping the team of nurses performing day to day tasks within the clinic. Kali is passionate about assisting fearful and reactive dogs to receive veterinary treatment, knowing that behind the sometimes-frightening exterior, is just a scared baby that still needs the same love and care as everybody else.

Kali’s got a huge soft spot for big dogs, the sloppier the better. Drool is no obstacle for her, you will probably see her loving up any larger-than-life dogs that walk into the clinic. Outside of the clinic Kali can be found playing with her 8 cheeky fur babies. Kali has 3 dogs named Ragnar, Satch and Skit. Kali’s 3 rats are named Fink, Snitch and Snoop, and her 2 cats who are Kora and Mudd. Both of which came to Kali at different times, but both needed to find love and shelter and safety, which lead them to join the loving chaos we all call Kali’s home.

Janina Pitman

Janina Pitman

Nurse Aid and Groomer

Janina is our professional clinic groomer and has been working with Greencross Vets for over two decades. She has one dog, Arlo, a blue Staffy.
Originally, she is from Cairns and is a highly skilled groomer with a passion for helping pets look their best! She is experienced in grooming dogs of all sizes and breeds.
To learn more about our grooming services, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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