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We are your local team of pet care professionals, we are truly 'passionate about pets' and we love what we do.

Greencross Vets Mitchelton is conveniently located in Petbarn so that you can find all your pet care needs under the one location!

Veterinary Director Dr Catherine Clark BVSc (Hons), Veterinary Associate Dr Bernadette Rowley and their team of qualified Vet Nurses offer a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy throughout all life stages.

We are committed to offering you and your pet exceptional service and the very best in veterinary medicine and preventative healthcare. We are located on Osborne Road next to Mitchelton Park and easily accessible from Samford Road.

Our combined veterinary services and pet retail offerings available to you and your pets are now more convenient and affordable than ever.

We encourage you to contact us directly on 3084 6007 should you have any questions about your pet’s health and wellbeing or if you simply want more information about the services that we can provide you and your pets.

And don’t forget to ask us about the amazing benefits of becoming a Healthy Pets Plus member!

Puppy School Classes Now Available!

Our team are passionate about developing well-mannered family friendly dogs and our Best Behaviour program will give you the tools to train your dog in basic manners. Our classes will also give you an understanding on how your puppy learns, their development stages and how to navigate through naughty puppy behaviours right through to well-mannered canines. For more information please speak to Chloe, our Best Behaviour coordinator.

Our Services.

Greencross Vets Mitchelton offer a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services to cater for all your pet care needs utilising the latest diagnostic equipment.


Getting your pet desexed (neutered or spayed) is essential to their health. All Greencross Vets facilities are completely sterile and use the latest in surgical equipment.


Prevention is the best medicine. Kitten and puppy vaccinations (injections) and adult pet vaccinations prevent disease. Get your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm can be hard to detect, but it needn’t be hard to prevent. Greencross Vets recommends year round heartworm prevention. Ask your vet about prevention today.


Greencross Vets offer a range of dentistry services like cat and dog teeth cleaning. Consider us your pet’s veterinarian and dentist combined.

Puppy Pre-School

Greencross Vets Puppy School is an excellent starting point for owners wanting a well-managed and socialised pet. Courses run for four to six weeks. Click to learn more.



An ultrasound is a painless diagnostic procedure that allows vets to take a closer look at your pet’s health. We only use the latest technology for the most accurate diagnoses.



Greencross Vets clinics are equipped with high-quality radiograph equipment including X-ray machines, automatic processors, and X-ray view equipment.

Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology allows our vets to analyse and diagnose health conditions. Common laboratory tests include blood tests, urinalysis, faecal tests and biopsy examination.


Laboratory Testing

The latest in-house laboratory equipment allows our vets to perform a range of diagnostic tests to achieve accurate, rapid diagnosis of your pets’ health status.

Meet The Team

Emma Dover

Emma Dover

Chloe Hughes

Chloe Hughes

I’m obtained my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at TAFE Queensland. I’ve been fortunate to begin my work in the industry prior to study completing a work placement program during grade ten, which led to a kennel hand position in a veterinary clinic. I joined Greencross Vets as a groomer, with hydro baths every Saturday, which has led me to the position of Nurse Trainee. I love all aspects of the industry, but have a special interest in surgical nursing. My favourite part about working with animals is their ability to trust and they’re almost always happy to meet new people. I have two dogs that were adopted from the RSPCA three years ago shortly after moving up from NSW. Dexter is a stumpy cattle X staffy with a unique talent for finding snakes, toads and anything that he can chase! Olive is a bit of everything.. She’s the princess of the family and knows it! She’s never too shy to meet new people and will gladly make friends with whoever is giving out cuddles. During my spare time I volunteer train some smart pups with my neighbours. I also love to pursue musical activities with long-time music friends.

Jacque Field

Jacque Field

Jacque has been passionate about animal care her whole life, working in the industry for over nine years. She is dedicated to ensuring that her clinic provides the highest possible standard of care for every patient and also aims to ensure that everyone walks out with a smile on their face! Jacque enjoys all aspects of working in the clinic, especially surgical care and being able to get to know new pet owners and their four legged friends. She enjoys the challenging nature of veterinary care and being given the opportunity to make pets as healthy and happy as possible. In her spare time, you will find her travelling, shopping or spending time with her teacup Chihuahua named Chai and Pekinese Cross Shih Tzu named Chu Chu.

Siobhan Ring

Siobhan Ring

Dr Kirsty Bannan

Dr Kirsty Bannan

Dr Kirsty moved to Australia from New Zealand. She loves all creatures great and small including dogs, cats, horses and wildlife. While Kirsty enjoys all aspects of veterinary science, she has a special interest in preventive medicine and surgical care. When she’s not in the clinic, you’ll find her spending time with her young family and fur-babies including an American Staffy Cross and five cats. Kirsty loves running and participates in regular half-marathons and other endurance events in her spare time.

45 Osborne Road, Mitchelton Queensland 4053


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