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We have a special understanding of the bond you have developed with your pet. We will do everything we can to be caring, friendly and informative. We aspire to provide the highest standards of veterinary practice.

Please feel free to have a look around our extensive site – sign up for our monthly newsletter, meet the team, learn how to share the good times with your pet and explore the pet info pages to find an answer to that troublesome pet problem.The North Ringwood team members are focused on ensuring the best health outcome for your pet.


These are longer than usual to allow us to establish a clear understanding of your pet’s health issues and your concerns. Together we can arrange the most suitable plan for your particular situation. Our experienced diagnosticians utilise in-house and external laboratory services, use established relationships with referring specialists when necessary and attend continuing professional development to keep current with the latest medical and clinical innovations.


We use our in-house laboratory equipment to check for parasites, fungus and yeasts, and perform urine analysis, bloodwork and cell examination. Other samples are submitted to Gribbles Veterinary Pathology for more extensive testing and analysis. The North Ringwood team encourage you to have regular blood screens taken for your pets. This allows a “normal” to be documented and may highlight any emerging problems that have yet to exhibit recognisable symptoms. Kidney, liver and other organ function can be assessed prior to anaesthetic to allow the most appropriate anaesthesia to be administered.

Surgery and Treatments

Orthopaedic and soft-tissue surgery is performed in our theatre utilising a range of contemporary surgical, anaesthetic and monitoring instruments and equipment. The experienced surgical team members work closely together to give constant attention to your pet through all anaesthetic stages and into the recovery period. Patients are kept warm and comfortable throughout and peri-operative pain management and intravenous fluid therapy is initiated for each surgical case. Dental and non-surgical procedures are performed using the latest equipment and trained empathetic personnel.

We have an extensive range of support initiatives so that together with you, we can surmount those significant periods in your pet's life:

Puppy socialisation

Environmental enrichment toys and advice

Senior and palliative care programs

Weight loss programs

Premium and prescription pet foods

Hydro-bathing facilities

Our Services.

Greencross Vets North Ringwood offer a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services to cater for all your pet care needs utilising the latest diagnostic equipment.


Getting your pet desexed (neutered or spayed) is essential to their health. All Greencross Vets facilities are completely sterile and use the latest in surgical equipment.


Prevention is the best medicine. Kitten and puppy vaccinations (injections) and adult pet vaccinations prevent disease. Get your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm can be hard to detect, but it needn’t be hard to prevent. Greencross Vets recommends year round heartworm prevention. Ask your vet about prevention today.


Greencross Vets offer a range of dentistry services like cat and dog teeth cleaning. Consider us your pet’s veterinarian and dentist combined.


Don’t have your own clippers? Let us take care of dog grooming for you. Our clinic offers premium dog grooming for your pet.

Puppy Pre-School

Greencross Vets Puppy School is an excellent starting point for owners wanting a well-managed and socialised pet. Courses run for four to six weeks. Click to learn more.



An ultrasound is a painless diagnostic procedure that allows vets to take a closer look at your pet’s health. We only use the latest technology for the most accurate diagnoses.



Greencross Vets clinics are equipped with high-quality radiograph equipment including X-ray machines, automatic processors, and X-ray view equipment.

Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology allows our vets to analyse and diagnose health conditions. Common laboratory tests include blood tests, urinalysis, faecal tests and biopsy examination.


Laboratory Testing

The latest in-house laboratory equipment allows our vets to perform a range of diagnostic tests to achieve accurate, rapid diagnosis of your pets’ health status.

Meet The Team

Emma Jansen

Emma Jansen

Emma joined our team in June 2021 and completed her veterinary nursing internship in early 2022. Emma is currently studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing. Emma is a qualified dog groomer and currently is available for dog pampering sessions one day a week. Emma has a keen interest in animal behaviour and is an advocate of our stress-free handling protocol. Outside of work Emma likes to spend time with her dogs Barney and Bear, taking them for leisurely walks.

Sharron Wallace

Sharron Wallace

Veterinary Nurse

Sharron brings with her over three decades of experience as a veterinary nurse working in both emergency and general practice. She remembers wanting to work with animals since she could walk towards them to hug them. This was because she grew up on a dairy farm which meant she was often surrounded by a menagerie of pets.
At home, she has her own fur family, a wonderful staffy called Stanley, and two very laid back pussy cats, that lord it all over “their” dog.
When she is not in the clinic, she adores bushwalking and hiking, finding giant trees in the forests, and surveying for endangered fauna, wake surfing in the Summer, and camping in winter.

Dr Olivia Marshall

Dr Olivia Marshall

Olivia graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2013 and spent a year in mixed practice, before moving into small animal practice in 2015. She has been part of the Greencross Vets family since 2016 and enjoys being able to offer her patients a high standard of care. Olivia has a particular interest in small animal internal medicine, wildlife and has a soft spot for elderly pets. She is a strong believer in preventative medicine as a means to keep our pets healthy and happy.

In her spare time, Olivia enjoys travelling, baking, playing board games and spending time with her husband and family, and can also often be found with her nose stuck in a book!

Astin Cohen-Beavis

Astin Cohen-Beavis

Veterinary nurse

Astin started her Veterinary Nursing career as an intern at Greencross Vets at North Ringwood. After completing her Certificate II in Animal Studies she became a team member of the North Ringwood team. Astin has had a love for animals since she was a young age. She is passionate and caring and has a lot of time for our patients that come into the clinic. Astin is currently studying to complete her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. When Astin is not in the clinic she loves to be home with her family, friends and fur babies Mia and Maggie her two dogs, Coco the cat and Larry the rabbit.

Dr. Stephanie Lee

Dr. Stephanie Lee

Associate Veterinarian

Steph graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2017. She spent a few weeks at Greencross Vets North Ringwood in her final year of vet school as a student and impressed the team so much that she was asked to stay! Steph loves all that being a vet has to offer and always looks forward to being surrounded by the cute and the furry.
The cute and furry extends to Steph’s home life, too, which she shares with Augustus, her rough collie. Their favourite activities together involve lazy walks in the park and long afternoon naps. When not spending time with Gus you can usually find Steph trying her luck in the kitchen or with her nose stuck in a book.

Dr Luke Evans

Dr Luke Evans

Luke graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2001 and spent several years working in England before returning to Australia. He has been a veterinary associate with the North Ringwood team since 2009 and became our Veterinary Director in 2012.
Luke is a very dedicated veterinarian who is passionate about clinical medicine and enjoys the challenge of unusual cases. He is a true believer of keeping our patients healthy through preventative medicine and is a strong advocate for the numerous benefits of our Healthy Pets Plus program. Luke’s comprehensive approach makes him a favourite among our clients and patients.
Luke and his wife have three children, Zachary, Xavier, and Zara. He enjoys reading, playing guitar, listening to music and bushwalking with his children. Luke has a playful cat named Winston.

Claire Adametz

Claire Adametz

Claire has had a keen interest in animals from a young age and has been working with animals for almost 10 years. She is very passionate about animal welfare and started her career as a volunteer at the RSPCA in 2008.
In 2009 Claire started paid work as an Animal Attendant at the RSPCA, mainly in the Cattery where she processed cats that came into the shelter and worked in the kennels looking after the dogs. After a few years in the shelter, Claire took on a nursing position at the RSPCA, where she worked until the end of 2015. Claire then joined the team at North Ringwood Greencross in 2016.
Claire is very much a cat person (although she still loves all animals) and is the Cattery Manager of North Ringwood’s cat boarding facility. Claire is owned by one cheeky cat, Enzo, a black DSH who was a stray she took in.

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