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Greencross Vets Sandringham has been providing exceptional care to companion animals and their owners for over 30 years. Our clinic is a well-equipped, purpose-built animal hospital located in the heart of the Bayside area. Our clinic services a wide area including Sandringham, Black Rock, Mentone, Parkdale, Hampton, Hampton East, Cheltenham, Highett, Beaumaris, Bentleigh & Bentleigh East, Brighton & Brighton East.

Our team of friendly veterinary clinicians and nurses are dedicated to the treatment of companion animals from dogs and cats, to birds and pocket pets. We treat your animals as if they were our own. Doctors Jessica Ierardo, Lindsay Evans, Angela Ho & Megan Tucker are constantly undertaking continuing education so you and your pet benefit from the latest advances in veterinary science.

Minimising the stress your pet feels is of utmost importance to our team. We strive to make your pets visit to us as stress free as possible. We ensure that waiting times are kept to a minimum and direct you & your pet into a consultation room as soon as one becomes available. Some of the techniques we utilise include:

Creating visual barriers between patients.
Providing separate consultation suites for both dogs and cat
Utilising the latest in feline calming pheromone technology in our exclusive cat boarding suite to help your kitty relax
We encourage once in the consultation room that our canine patients are allowed off lead to explore, promoting calmness.
During hospital stays we ensure that cats and dogs are kept separate as much as possible, and loud noises are kept to a minimum.
We utilise specialised equipment to help us manage stress levels in our patients such as calming caps to reduce visual stimuli
We are very mindful of reducing pain and fear in our patients and utilise medications, sedations and anaesthetics to enable procedures to be performed both safely and with as minimal discomfort as possible

Our Services.

Greencross Vets Sandringham offer a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services to cater for all your pet care needs utilising the latest diagnostic equipment.


Getting your pet desexed (neutered or spayed) is essential to their health. All Greencross Vets facilities are completely sterile and use the latest in surgical equipment.


Prevention is the best medicine. Kitten and puppy vaccinations (injections) and adult pet vaccinations prevent disease. Get your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm can be hard to detect, but it needn’t be hard to prevent. Greencross Vets recommends year round heartworm prevention. Ask your vet about prevention today.


Greencross Vets offer a range of dentistry services like cat and dog teeth cleaning. Consider us your pet’s veterinarian and dentist combined.


Don’t have your own clippers? Let us take care of dog grooming for you. Our clinic offers premium dog grooming for your pet.

Puppy Pre-School

Greencross Vets Puppy School is an excellent starting point for owners wanting a well-managed and socialised pet. Courses run for four to six weeks. Click to learn more.

Puppy Primary School

This eight-week training program is designed for owners who would like to continue their education and socialisation, or for those who may have missed out on puppy school.


An ultrasound is a painless diagnostic procedure that allows vets to take a closer look at your pet’s health. We only use the latest technology for the most accurate diagnoses.


Greencross Vets clinics are equipped with high-quality radiograph equipment including X-ray machines, automatic processors, and X-ray view equipment.

Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology allows our vets to analyse and diagnose health conditions. Common laboratory tests include blood tests, urinalysis, faecal tests and biopsy examination.

Laboratory Testing

The latest in-house laboratory equipment allows our vets to perform a range of diagnostic tests to achieve accurate, rapid diagnosis of your pets’ health status.

Iodine Therapy

Iodine therapy is used for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats. If your cat has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, we can help

Cat Boarding

We offer premium cat boarding facilities for your pet. Ask us about our cat boarding service today.

Meet The Team

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Sarah became a Trainee Veterinary Nurse at Greencross Sandringham in 2021, having volunteered and worked as a Kennel Hand during the completion of her Certificate III in Animal Studies. This year Sarah will be commencing Certificate IV in Vet Nursing and has become a mentor for new trainees. From being an avid horse lover and an animal sanctuary volunteer, Sarah’s passion for animals has become a day to day reality. Sarah enjoys many aspects of Vet Nursing from customer care to surgery, pet behaviour and nutrition.

Before settling in Bayside, Sarah was a Marketing Director in the Leisure and Retail industry, with a focus specifically in London’s West End. From leading a small to medium size business, she brings her experience of team work, growth mind set philosophy and continual self-improvement into her work.

Sarah, her husband and two daughters have recently acquired Amber, a cheeky chocolate Labradoodle puppy. Sarah enjoys being active outdoors, swimming, going to see exhibitions at the NGV and the movies.

Dr. Bethany Jeans

Dr. Bethany Jeans

Starting from a young age, Bethany always had empathy and love for animals, and she dreamt of becoming a vet. Bethany fulfilled that dream when she graduated as a veterinarian from Murdoch University in 2019. Since graduating she has been working at Greencross Sandringham surrounded by such an amazing group of people who have dedicated their careers to helping animals. Bethany has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Sandringham and has developed a passion for soft tissue surgery and medicine cases. As well as her clinical work, Bethany has also done some volunteering in rural India and in the Northern Territory, where she enjoyed treating and desexing stray animals. To keep herself busy outside of work, Bethany enjoys beach walks and coffee.

Bethany Rowland

Bethany Rowland

Bethany began her journey with Greencross Vets in early 2018 when she began volunteering at Greencross Vets Sandringham. It didn’t take long for her to gain a position within the clinic as a veterinary nurse, as it was clear to everyone how much she loved her time in the clinic, and how great she was with the animals. With the intention of becoming a vet, she soon realized all the wonders of nursing and hasn’t looked back since, and is now studying to be a fully qualified vet nurse. From a young age she’s always been surrounded with animals, with a handsome cavoodle as part of the family at home and intentions for her fur family to grow in the future. Besides lapping up all the pet cuddles at work, she has a keen interest in plants, all crafty things and anything to do with food – just like all pets, the way to her heart is with treats!

Sienn Constanti-Carey

Sienn Constanti-Carey

Sienn is one of our vet nurses, and she is also currently studying for her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Melbourne. She is always seeking to further extend her experience, knowledge and practical skills in the animal industry. After completing multiple animal related diplomas/degrees, Sienn’s love for animals has grown more and more each day and is forever expanding. Each and every single animal, no matter what size or shape is important to her, however our unusual, weird and wonderful, pets will always have a very special place in her heart. She is currently the proud owner of a pint size petting zoo at home consisting of hairless dogs, cats, lizards, and snakes. If you’re ever trying to find her, you will either catch her hanging out with an animal (either at work, through her pet sitting service, or at home). She also loves spending her spare time eating out at cafes/restaurant (is a sucker for Japanese food), singing along horribly to her favourite bands, or watching Netflix on the couch with a furry companion.

Chelsea Miller

Chelsea Miller

When I graduated from high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, a wise person (thanks mum!) told me to think of something that I’m passionate about and go from there. So that’s what I did, I annoyed all the local vet clinics until I finally got a job as a kennel hand where I assisted the veterinary staff and got a first hand impression into what a career as a veterinary nurse looked like. Safe to say I loved it because 10 years later and here I am, unable to imagine doing anything else!
When asked if I’m a cat or a dog person I have to answer BOTH. I simply can’t choose as they are each so wonderful in different ways. I have 2 cats of my own; Jimmy (Type A personality) and Peppa (Introvert) whom I love dearly.

Perri Padula

Perri Padula

Perri became a vet nurse straight out of high school after working at the Ashburton cattery for 2 years. She did work experience at Ashburton during year 10 at high school and that’s when she decided she was going to be a Vet nurse.
Perri joined the Sandringham team in 2014 as a part time nurse. She currently owns an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Reggie, a French Bulldog named Gordon, a red Burmese named Sherman and a chocolate Burmese named Nermal. Her interests include horse riding, tattoos, going to the movies and travelling.

262 Bluff Rd, Sandringham VIC 3191


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