Gastroenteritis Recovery

Gastroenteritis aftercare

Your pet is recovering well after being treated for gastroenteritis and is now ready to go home. Please carefully read the following guide on how to provide your dog or cat with the right gastroenteritis aftercare to ensure their recovery goes smoothly.

Food and water

As vomiting and diarrhoea are common symptoms of gastroenteritis, it is important that you prevent your pet from becoming dehydrated by providing them with plenty of water. Your vet will recommend a specific prescription diet designed and formulated for dogs and cats recovering from gastroenteritis. This may be for 7-10 days to allow sufficient time for their gastrointestinal tract to recover. After this, you should gradually transition your pet back to their regular food.


Depending on the cause and symptoms of your pet’s gastroenteritis your Greencross Vet may prescribe medications for your pet. Please follow their instructions and if you are concerned at any time, please do not hesitate to contact your local Greencross Vets clinic.

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Recovery period

After being treated and rehydrated, your pet should quickly recover from gastroenteritis and should not require an additional checkup. However, if your dog or cat is still experiencing symptoms 48 hours after their treatment, get in contact with your Greencross Vets clinic.

Warning signs to look out for

Call your Greencross Vets clinic immediately for advice if:

  • your pet is not responding to treatment as you feel it should be
  • you have any questions about your pet’s health at all

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