Recovery from Lump Removal Surgery

Lump removal surgery

Your pet has had a lump removed from their body under a general anaesthetic. While surgical wounds are generally easily managed, some simple aftercare will help the healing process and reduce the risk of any problems developing.


Due to the anaesthetic they were administered, your dog or cat may be drowsy for several hours after their lump removal surgery and should be allowed to rest. If your pet is still acting lethargic 24 hours after their surgery, get in touch with your local Greencross Vets for advice.

Surgical site

Keep the surgical sites clean and dry until the stitches are removed. Please book in this free appointment to have the stitches removed by your Greencross Vet 10-14 days after the surgery, or as advised by your veterinarian. During this recovery period, your vet will check in to see if your dog or cat’s healing process is progressing normally. They may request a revisit before this time. You should check your pet’s wound every day to make sure there is no swelling or discharges and that the sutures are intact. Contact your vet if you have any concerns.

Book a checkup

Your pet may have a protective bandage placed over the wound. Some patients with wounds will lick the area constantly. If this occurs, please contact the practice and we will provide an ‘Elizabethan collar’ to prevent your pet from damaging their wound.

Keep the wound area clean and do not wet it until it has fully healed. This means avoiding giving your pet a bath, swimming, going to the groomers, and other messy outdoor activities.


Give any medication your pet has been prescribed strictly as directed by your Greencross Vet, and inform the practice immediately if you are having trouble giving your dog or cat the medicine.

You must give the whole course of medication prescribed for your pet.

Food and water

Your dog or cat is fine to go home and eat and drink as per normal.

Rest and exercise

Please ensure that your dog or cat is rested as much as possible to encourage healing. Prevent them from placing any strain on the wound, for example by avoiding the stairs and jumping up and down off couches and beds. After 48 hours, dogs can go for short walks on a lead, but do not allow any off-lead exercise until the sutures have been removed.

Warning signs to look out for

Call your Greencross Vets clinic immediately for advice if:

  • you notice swelling or bleeding around the wound area
  • your pet is licking the wound constantly, or the wound appears red and angry
  • your pet is not responding to treatment as you feel they should be
  • you need to wash your pet or treat it for fleas before the stitches are removed
  • you have any questions about your pet’s health at all

Contact a Vet

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