Your Dog’s Visit

Preparing for your dog’s visit to the vet

dog's visit to the vetSo that your dog’s visit to the vet is a positive experience for you and them, we request that you make an appointment by phoning us directly or booking online. This will minimise any waiting time and also give you the opportunity to book with your preferred veterinarian.

We understand that when visiting the vet, new smells, sounds, people, and other animals can worry your dog. Below are some tips for reducing your pet’s stress:

  • be calm and positive about the car journey
  • avoid feeding your dog approximately four to six hours prior to the car journey to avoid car sickness
  • spend time with them inside the vehicle while it’s stationary to get them used to the car
  • keep your pet relaxed by giving them lots of positive attention and talking softly whilst in the waiting room
  • bring treats for positive reinforcement

For dogs, it’s often the car trip that creates the most anxiety. Make minimum fuss when you’re about to visit the vet so your dog doesn’t begin to associate the car with a negative experience. Our canine companions are experts at picking up on our emotional signals, so remaining calm yourself will help your dog to do the same.

It’s a good idea to get your dog familiar with being examined from head to toe. Touching your dog’s feet, lifting their ears and lips, and running your hands over their tummy can be a good way to get them used to being handled.

Our teams at Greencross Vets aim to make your pet’s experience as positive as possible. We believe our genuine love for animals doesn’t go unnoticed by your pet.

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