Your Cat’s Visit

Preparing for your visit 

So that your cat’s visit to the vet is a positive experience for you and them, we request that you make an appointment by phoning us directly or booking online. This will minimise any waiting time and also give you the opportunity, when phoning, to book with your preferred veterinarian.

Book a vet

We understand that when visiting the vet, new smells, sounds, people, and other animals can worry your cat. Below are some tips for reducing your pet’s stress:

  • leave the carrier open at home for a few days prior to the visit. This will allow your cat to explore and become familiar with the carrier
  • line the carrier with something soft like a towel or bed
  • ‘Feliway’ spray the carrier prior to putting your cat inside to alleviate stress
  • if your cat does not enter the carrier, calmly place them inside
  • if your cat is reluctant to travel, wrap them gently in a towel that has your cat’s scent or a pheromone spray (Feliway)
  • place a towel over the carrier so they can’t see out to help relax your cat
  • secure the cat carrier on the back seat of your car with the seatbelt, or against the front seat, and cover it with a towel.
  • drive smoothly, without loud music, talking to your cat in a soothing voice – the calmer you are the less anxious your cat will be
  • if possible, keep windows closed for extra safety
  • when you arrive at the clinic, place the carrier in the waiting room away from dogs and facing away from other cats
  • bring some treats to reward good behaviour

Our teams at Greencross Vets aim to make your pet’s experience as positive as possible. We believe our genuine love for animals doesn’t go unnoticed by your pet. Contact your local Greencross Vets if you need to book a health check for your cat.

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