10 Tips For Cat Transporting

Cat transporting tips

Sometimes, we need to transport our furry feline friend from one place to another. Whether you are going on holidays, to a boarding facility or to the vet, travel can be stressful. Here are ten tips for a smooth ride with your feline friend.

  1. Choose a sturdy carrier that is large enough for the cat to move around, allows a small water bowl and has enough ventilation.
  2. When at home, leave your cat carrier open so your cat can wander in or our as he or she pleases. Leave some favourite treats, toys or bedding inside the carrier to assist with this
  3. Leave a blanket with your cat’s scent inside the carrier. Spray the blanket with a soothing pheromone such as Feliway. Refrain from washing this blanket unless it is soiled. Cats love their own smell
  4. When you’re ready to visit the vet, calmly place your cat into the carrier. If your cat is hesitant, gently and supportively wrap them in a towel and place them gently in. Never forcibly push them into the carrier
  5. Always have your cat passenger restrained. Consider using a natural pheromone in the car if your feline friend is becoming anxious.
  6. Secure the cat carrier on the back seat of your car with the seatbelt and cover it with a light towel or sheet – again avoid washing these as cats like their own smell. Drive smoothly, without loud music, talking to your cat in a soothing voice – the calmer you are, the less anxious your cat will be. Keep windows closed for extra safety.
  7. From the car to the clinic, try to limit movement of the carrier as much as possible.
  8. On arrival, keep the carrier covered with the towel or sheet with the opening facing you. Try to avoid your cat spotting other animals in the clinic.
  9. Follow the same tips for the return journey
  10. When you get back home, if you have other cats, leave the carrier on the ground without opening it and watch their reaction. If they remain calm, allow your cat to leave the carrier and reward them with games or food. If your other cats appear worried, isolate the cat that has been away in a room on their own for 24 hours before socialising them with other cats.
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