Benefits Of Grooming Your Cat

Most cats do a pretty good job of keeping themselves clean and well groomed. However, cats with long hair need our help to avoid matted fur and fur balls.

Regular, professional cat grooming can help prevent problems such as:

Why does my cat need regular grooming?

Regular grooming of your cat’s coat is essential for their overall health and wellbeing. Long and medium-haired cats require more regular grooming and sometimes clipping to keep their coats in good condition.

By grooming your cat, you can also control cat hair in the house. Instead of your cat shedding hair wherever they walk, you can immediately dispose of groomed hair. When you groom your cat, you stimulate blood circulation, and you’re better able to notice any physical changes including lumps, bumps, or parasites.

Do all cats need grooming?

While all cats can benefit from daily grooming, long-haired cats need grooming more often to keep their coats in good condition. Some may require clipping. Cat clipping can be done at your local Greencross Vet, but depending on your cat’s nature, sometimes sedation and IV fluids may be required.  If this is case, your feline friend will be safely monitored at all times throughout the grooming procedure.

If you feel that brushing your cat this summer is not enough this summer, contact your Greencross Vet and enquire about what grooming services they can offer you.


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